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Automated Self-Service Hotels in Adelboden

The Swiss REVIER Hospitality Group, headquartered in Lenzerheide, develops and operates innovative accommodation concepts that are geared to changing travel habits and tougher economic conditions. Against this background, the company has automated its entire process management and uses state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies for this purpose.

The hotel locking system should naturally be part of this ecosystem, on the one hand because the REVIER Hospitality Group did not want to operate a stand-alone solution in every hotel and on the other hand in order to realise an integrated online solution, especially for the allocation of access rights and door monitoring.


The hotel group has realised this with SALTO KS Keys as a Service. Revier Hotels achieve the overarching goal of simplifying processes for guests by automating everything from booking to check-out. For example, guests can check in from home or on the road and receive their access rights in the form of a PIN code sent to their smartphone on the day of arrival.

The Revier Mountain Lodge in Adelboden was the first property to be equipped with the new access control solution. In the 86-room property, all hotel rooms, service rooms and main entrances are equipped with the solution. At the hotel rooms, guests are granted access via PIN, which achieves the desired media-free door opening. The employees use the app (mobile access) or a smart tag.

Benefits of the Cloud

The cloud infrastructure generally has a number of advantages for the company: It does not need a server infrastructure or document folders and is independent of data volumes. Moreover, those responsible can react quickly, e.g. if guests need an early check-in or a parking space at short notice, or if they want to book breakfast as well. Furthermore, the company benefits from the open architecture of the systems, through which integrations are easy to implement. At REVIER Hospitality Group, SALTO KS is integrated with the cloud-based PMS (property management system) Mews, which is used by the hotel chain for check-in and all processing, and the TABHOTEL check-in terminal. Thanks to the seamless digital interaction of the systems, guests receive their appropriate access rights automatically according to their bookings and check-in.

“What convinces us most about SALTO KS is the centralised access management. We can grant and revoke access rights in real time from the head office for all locations. No one has to be present on site for this. In addition, our employees have access to all hotels and every door for which they are authorised via the app,” said Daniel Renggli, CEO of REVIER Hospitality Group AG.

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