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Keeping US schools safe from guns requires more than stricter laws

Source: William Pao, asmag.com From time to time, we hear about school shooting incidents in the United States. While stricter gun control laws are being considered and debated, schools themselves should also invest in security technologies to help prevent further tragedies. Ever since Columbine, school shootings have emerged as a major societal problem in the […]
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Ten “deadly sins” when installing a video surveillance system

We are all humans, so we all make mistakes. However, there are such common cases that you should be aware of and avoid. Specialists of Partizan company have collected, systematized and listed them to say once and for all – it should not be like that!  1. DHCP remains enabled after adding to NVR Most […]
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Siemens’ new natural extinguishing agents protect business continuity in critical areas

Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduces its new natural agent extinguishing portfolio, Sinorix NXN. Focusing on the protection of lives, assets and business continuity, the new fire extinguishing portfolio combines simplicity with advanced technology to modernize traditional fire safety. The agents consist of the natural gases argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. They are
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Uniserve Project: How to optimize logistics and trade management

Founded by Iain Liddell in 1984, Uniserve has grown to become the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics and global trade management provider. Uniview is expected to provide the complete video surveillance solution to Uniserve’s headquarter. Seamlessly blending ocean freight, air freight and road freight services with intelligent warehousing, distribution and supply chain,
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Don’t Rely on a Wake-up Call: Hotels Have No Room to Compromise on Fire Protection

Hotels can be complicated sites to protect. Busy kitchens, extensive electrical installations plus regular repair and maintenance work all increase the likelihood of fire incidents. Add to these the presence of an ever-changing population of residents who may smoke, be careless around call points and detectors, or have varying mobility, and the picture becomes increasingly
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In-Store Analytics optimize the shopping experience in retail

Home appliances retailer BSH measures customer engagement with metrics from smart cameras The next generation of retail stores optimizes sales floor presentations by tracking customer traffic. At home appliances store BSH in Vienna, Bosch cameras with built-in Intelligent Video Analytics collect metadata on how customers respond to special displays. Drawing on this