Motorola acquires Ava Security

Motorola Solutions has acquired London-based Ava Security Ltd, a global provider of cloud-native video security and analytics.

This acquisition means that the Group strengthens its global dominance in the video surveillance industry and especially in the area of video analysis. The video security companies Avigilon, Pelco, Indigovision and Openpath (which deliver mobile access control solutions) are already part of the group.

The terms of the transaction were not revealed in the press release from Motorola Solutions, but according to the American online publication IPVM, it is said among many professionals in the security industry that it is about 400 million dollars.

Impressive growth

Earlier this month Ava’s latest financials revealed another year of triple digit growth for 2021. Overall the figures show that video revenue grew globally by over 300%, ARR grew by 500% and the number of cameras connected to the Ava Aware Cloud continues to double every three months. The company continued to make significant investments across R&D, sales, marketing and leadership throughout the year.

Innovative development

On the innovation front, during the year, Ava introduced two new cloud cameras (the Ava Compact Dome and the Ava Bullet), launched Ava Cloud Storage, delivered a unified dashboard for hybrid deployments and developed native integrations with IP Video’s Halo sensors and Disruptive Technologies’ environmental sensors. Ava also launched software-driven LPR (License Plate Recognition), enabling the technology on both Ava and third party cameras and not requiring separate dedicated LPR hardware.

“2021 was a great year for us, with our growth rate boosted by new enterprise customers – five Fortune 1000 customers in Q4 alone. But we’re not stopping there, as we’re projecting similar growth numbers for 2022,” comments Tormod Ree, CEO & Co-Founder of Ava Security.

Intelligent video surveillance

Ava Security’s scalable, secure and flexible cloud solution provides enterprises with real-time visibility and powerful analytics to optimise their operations and detect anomalies and threats.

“Our acquisition of Ava highlights our continued commitment to advancing cloud-based video security technologies,” states Greg Brown, chairman and CEO, Motorola Solutions.

“With Ava, we’re well-positioned to support our customers’ evolving security needs by expanding our portfolio of intelligent video solutions that help to enhance safety and streamline operations.”

In addition to allowing organisations to easily access, search and manage their entire system from a centralised dashboard, its self-learning algorithms also enhance enterprise security by detecting abnormal behaviour and alerting operators to events in real-time.

Merger created a hybrid

Ava Security was formed through a merger between Jazz Networks, a cyber security insider threat detection and response company, and Vaion, an end-to-end video security provider. Together, they would meet the market’s needs against both physical threats and cyber security threats by making companies and other organisations to monitor, understand and act on threats in real time to protect people, assets and data. Both companies were privately owned by Ubon Partners and employees.


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