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First Adria Security Summit Held

In early September, Sarajevo played the host to the first Adria Security Summit which was organized by a&s Adria magazine as an event whose purpose and significance is likely to make it the most important security industry event in the Adriatic region. During its three days, Adria Security Summit offered numerous participants the opportunity to meet with the leading experts from major global and regional security industry companies and trade associations, establish contact with representatives of more than 150 companies operating in the Western Balkans market, as well as familiarize themselves with innovations presented by 22 exhibitors i.e. 44 sponsors of the event. In rarely recorded atmosphere for the events of this type, all of the important actors in both regional and global security industry gathered in one place, and, from the magnificent exhibition and conference facilities at Hotel Terme, they went on to spend some quality time in nature together. More than a hundred guests of the Summit had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina by visiting the cities of Sarajevo and Konjic, as well as to meet a well-known Bosnian-Herzegovinian beauty, the Neretva River, and visit top secret largest military shelter for the state leadership of the former Yugoslavia.  

In terms of its character and statistics, Adria Security Summit was, in many ways, a unique event of this type in the Adriatic region:
- Summit was visited by 380 participants from 150 companies, by which it confirmed its attribute of being the largest regional conference of this type. Variety was observed in terms of type of participating companies’ businesses, as this event was attended by manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators, planners and other professionals, as well as consumers, i.e. end-users;
- With a&s Adria magazine at the helm as the main organizer, the Summit has achieved a truly regional character by including co-organizers in form of some of the most important professional associations such as Croatian Security Association, Macedonian Chamber for Private Security, Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers,  Chamber for the Development of Slovenian Private Security and BiH Association of Security Managers. In addition to working on  organization of the event, heads of these associations also gave lectures on the state of security market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia, thus sharing very important experience with other participants and familiarizing the guests from abroad with the situation in each individual country;
- In addition to the co-organizers, Adria Security Summit received support from the friends of the project, as provided by all important regional associations working on promotion and education in the field of security: Croatian Center for Business Security and the Association of Security Managers, Slovenian Institute for Corporate Studies, Association of Private Security of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, BiH Centre for Security Studies and the Council for Foreign Investments;
- Regional nature of this event will be confirmed by the change of its venues, as it will be organized in a different country of the region in each subsequent year, which will represent a unique case when it comes to the events of this type; 
- International quality of the Summit was reflected in the structure of speakers, participants and guests, who came to Sarajevo from France, Great Britain, Taiwan, China, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Albania, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro;
- Lecture topics covered during the event and the structure of its exhibitors involved all security fields: private security, video surveillance, access control, integration, mechanical protection, intrusion detection, fire alarm, and the visitors had the opportunity to learn more about numerous successfully implemented projects in various vertical markets, which meant meeting the needs of the end users;
- Adria Security Summit is, also, a regional event which has enjoyed the highest level of media coverage so far. Dissemination of important information about the Summit was carried out by numerous printed or online professional media: a&s Adria, a&s Turkey, a&s International, a&s Asia, a&s Italy,, secsolution,, PSS magazine and Zaštita magazine;
- The Summit was organized with the help of state-of-the-art technical support: dedicated web page, live video stream from the conference, videos of lectures and statements by lecturers and all exhibitors were posted on a&s Adria magazine YouTube channel, along with the special issue of magazine which was made specifically for the purpose of the Summit.
It is said that figures speak for themselves. However, we say that the participants’ impressions are even more important. Although the visitors and exhibitors did not hide their enthusiasm regarding level of organization of the event, we finally realized its genuine value only after we received praise from the colleagues coming from the world’s leading economies, who claimed that Adria Security Summit is not only an equal of conferences taking place in these countries, but that it, in some respects, even goes beyond them. This is not a hyperbole, as you can see it for yourself on our YouTube channel with recorded opinions and impressions about the event, as presented by its participants.
All this and much more gives us the right to say that Adria Security Summit has become the most important security conference and exhibition in the Adriatic region. This is the first event of this type, the criteria we set for ourselves are high, and we have one year’s time ahead of us to justify the expectations of guests who will visit us again.
During the Summit, the meeting was held between representatives of the organizers who selected the host country for the following event. It is with great pleasure that we announce that the next host country for Adria Security Summit is Serbia. Therefore, all those who wish to attend Adria Security Summit 2016 are invited to join us next time in the biggest city of the region, where, along with welcoming host and a great atmosphere, they will enjoy the best opportunity for making business contacts and improving their business in the Adriatic region.
Until the next meeting, a&s Adria magazine team wishes you all the best. 



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