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MOBOTIX showcases security and surveillance innovation at Zagreb conference

Subheading: For the second year in a row, the city of Zagreb played host to the National Partner Conference for MOBOTIX, one of the most important global manufacturers of digital surveillance equipment and IP cameras. The event which ran in mid-June welcomed more than 120 local partners and customers, as well as overseas visitors making it one of the most significant gatherings for users of MOBOTIX’s digital technologies in the region
By: Dalibor Vikić, BA (Pol. Sc.)
The guests were welcomed by Christian Finetto, Business Development Manager for MOBOTIX with responsibility for East and South East Europe who presented the company's management team in charge of this region as well setting the agenda for the day.
The keynote address was given by Uwe Barthelmes, Executive Sales Director for MOBOTIX who introduced the unique concepts and innovations that have been developed by the company to help it establish market leadership within Digital IP cameras systems. Barthelmes outlined the state-of-the-art design of cameras that use a unique decentralized concept where recording is managed by each model and takes place both internally on an SD card and externally on a USB stick or via the IP network onto Network Attached Storage offering nearly unlimited storage capacity. The “decentralized” recording concept removes the need for centralized  server that limit legacy central VMS based recording solutions offered by competitors. This innovation means that no PC or additional software is required for even the largest installation which also minimises storage requirements as each camera by reducing the video to the frame rate and image size required for storage, independent of the live video.
Following the keynote, MOBOTIX founder Dr. Ralf Hinkel gave a rare presentation offering the audience an inspiring vision of the future. The session also included  details of the company’s latest products, some of them being exclusive unveiled to conference participants, proceeding with the discussion about new projects that have arrived at the market either as a result of improvements to the existing innovation or as original solutions. 
One such new development making its debut at the NPC in Zagreb was MxMultiViewer Video Management Software designed by MOBOTIX for PC, Mac and Linux systems with a focus on simple and intuitive operation. The new software will use an innovative automatic configuration system that allows all MOBOTIX devices to be automatically detected and configured with minimal user interaction. MxMultiViewer seamlessly will combine cameras into groups and enable selection within traditional network view or location graphic background. The software will support "Full-screen display" via a single mouse click with support for multiple monitors to simplify operation and to aid presentation of events and alarm messages. The software will join a growing library of free software application created by MOBOTIX to support partners and customers. 
MxDisplay for access control
Another new and innovative product showcased at the NPC was MxDisplay, a fixed remote station for IP video door intercom systems that is built with an intuitive and easy use interface. With only a few swipes, MxDisplay users can call up, for example, an overview of the cameras in the building and the most recent video messages from the door intercom. The system can also generate new access transponders for guests. No matter which menu the user is in, a tap on the key icon immediately displays the live image of the door intercom. Keeping the button pressed a while longer will open the door. If necessary, this can be secured further using a PIN or transponder. The MxDisplay can be integrated flush with the wall and is available in black or white.
Another advantage of the MxDisplay is that it can be operated wirelessly and as a base station for other displays in the building. Smartphones and computers log directly into the display via the network or integrated Wi-Fi in order to use all the functions in the same manner. For example, a visitor ringing at the doorbell can be forwarded to the smartphone or the workstation. The unit can also act as a Wi-Fi Access Point to offer Internet access for local IP enabled devices in the location. 
5 megapixel camera models
The event also showcased the new MOBOTIX S15, D15, M15, D25, M25 and Q25 5-megapixel IP camera models with new low-light optimisation features that deliver high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated scenes. As a result, the new models are considerably more light sensitive than predecessor models and have twice as many pixels as Full HD.
All models feature state-of-the-art motion detection. Whether large objects in the foreground or small ones in the background, the integrated MxActivitySensor only records video or triggers an alarm if an important event actually occurs. The new technology helps to significantly reduce interference caused, for instance, by trees moving in the wind, shadows, passing clouds and rain. Although the motion sensor configures itself automatically; if necessary, it is possible to select the image region and direction of motion of the objects to fine tune detection scenarios. With MxActivitySensor activated, the system can be set to only records video or triggers an alarm if something relevant actually occurs in the image. This method uses much less memory and saves users an enormous amount of time, because only relevant scenes have to be evaluated. The models are weatherproof and operate at temperatures between -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F). 
MOBOTIX Thermal Cameras
Based on thermographic technology, MOBOTIX presented with the M15D-Thermal a camera  which detects and depicts temperature distribution on surfaces and objects and is. The new modules of the thermographic camera measure the thermal radiation of objects and persons and therefore work even in complete darkness. In connection with the MOBOTIX MxActivitySensor motion detection software, it is possible to detect movements in the image reliably also at night. Only changes in location trigger a signal, while objects moving in place do not. Also at daytime, thermal modules provide an advantage, because they also capture objects moving in the shadows, in twilight or behind bushes. The advantages of an M15-Dual camera with a thermal module and daylight sensor originate from the combination of both images: images taken by day or also in the twilight produce high-resolution 5-megapixel images, while movements at night are detected reliably. The MOBOTIX thermal modules have been certified as weatherproof according to IP65. Like daylight modules, they are available in different focal lengths.
Success for the future
Besides the sessions from MOBOTIX, partners also contributed on the first day of the conference with presentations showcasing successful projects actively using MOBOTIX technology across a wide range of applications. The second day of the conference offered extensive opportunities for  demonstration of the operation of MOBOTIX’s innovative products with technical experts on-hand to answer numerous questions from partners and potential customers. 
The combination of presentations from across the MOBOTIX community and lively exchange of communication between partners and business networking is a critical part of the MOBOTIX strategy that has led to its strong growth. This success is highlighted by MOBOTIX being awarded the #1 position in the "Top 100" ranking by the SMB Munich Strategy Group for the third consecutive year. In addition, Deloitte Consulting also recognised MOBOTIX for its outstanding performance with a “Fast 50” Award in 2013 and a AXIA award in 2014 given to midsized model companies that distinguish themselves as a driving force thanks to their innovative ability, economic success and agile business activity.


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