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The Biggest Security Concerns (not only) with Social Media – QuBit Conference Belgrade 2017

Social Media, an inseparable part of our everyday life. But be careful! it is not only the ideal way for establishing relationships but also a perfect hunting ground for illegal activity.


People are the biggest vulnerability on social media as they show an inherent trust. Cyber threat is no longer only about clicking on some link or downloading dangerous files. Today there are various infected adverts, malwares, ransomwares and other ways to harm the user. The most known is malware also called as a gateway into the computer system. Once, criminals have an access to the infected computer, the whole access is put up for sale. Criminals can then install a software that reads users usernames and passwords. Aleksandar Mirkovic, CISO at Opportunity bank in Serbia and a speaker at QuBit Conference Belgrade 2017, will demonstrate how to get a full control over private banking accounts or even company resources with knowing just a twitter profile. Is it really possible to get a full control only with some social engineering practices, trojans, and some most common post-exploitation technics to stay at the victim forever?

Cyber security is not only limited to Social Media security and privacy. During two days on October 18 – 19, QuBit Conference Belgrade 2017 will focus on another important topics in the cybersec area: Technical & Threat Intelligence Sharing, Building Cooperation & Skills in Area of cybersecurity at (Inter)national level and Legal & Organizational Cybersecurity. The conference will gather and connect more than 130 delegates mainly from SEE region to share their best practices, experience, and information. Speakers will present Life Demos, Case Studies and many interesting subjects will be discussed during panel discussions.

Technical & Threat Intelligence Sharing stream will be opened by Avast Hacker from Czech Republic, Vladislav Iliushin. Vladislav will present the Live demo focusing on Dark Side of IoT. How easy is it to control such devices remotely?  Why are EU laws still several steps behind? Zoran Zivkovic will focus on the Possibility of Cyber Terrorist Attacks in Western Balkan Area. What is the status of cyber security in Western Balkan area, readiness, and defensive capability? Is there any thing to be worried about?

The last stream during the second day is devoted to Legal & Organizational topics. Panel discussion GDPR - The Personal Data Circle moderated by Ljubica Pendaroska, a president at Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative-C3I, will answer questions as: In which cases should these data be considered as personal data? What if you're not in harmony with the new Regulation? Another Panel discussions presented at QuBit Belgrade 2017 will be focused on IoT and Network Forensics Investigations of APT Attacks.

Come to discover hottest topics and a breaking news on cyber security at QuBit Conference Belgrade 2017. Engage in valuable networking opportunities, build new professional relationships and experience the conference without sales presentations. To reserve your seat, please, register here: If you are a technical expert take a look at Hands-on Training held by Ladislav Baco from CSIRT Slovakia. Malware Analysis for Beginners Training will teach you how to set up your own lab environment for malware analysis with minimal cost, to understand essential principles behind malware analysis and perform basic analysis of given samples using free tools.

Looking forward to meeting you at QuBit Belgrade 2017!



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