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More exhibitors have applied than in the same period two years ago, while the Italian market holds firm and looks to exports 
Milan, 25 March 2014 - SICUREZZA 2014 is expanding. And it’s not just the figures associated with the exhibition which confirm that it’s a far-reaching event with a highly diverse product offering: it’s also the content of the events, the meetings and the initiatives which demonstrate the vitality of a project that is now acknowledged by the whole sector to be a leader.
And so, 8 months before the next exhibition, SICUREZZA, which is being staged from12 to 14 November 2014 at Fiera Milano, has already received bookings for 60% of the exhibition space available and, to date, the number of Italian and international companies which have confirmed that they will be attending  has exceeded by 25% the number which applied to participate in the period leading up to the last fair in 2012.  
Thanks to the offering of companies which have always supported the exhibition, companies which are returning to SICUREZZA after a gap of a few years and brands being presented for the first time, the variety of the product offering looks like being particularly interesting this time and able to convey the innovation achieved by the leading segments of the industry. So, as well as video-surveillance systems, other players with an increasing role at SICUREZZA will include anti-intrusion and burglary systems, access control systems, fire-prevention systems, ICT security systems, as well as devices for personal physical and passive safety.
In other words, the offering of the event will be in line with the requirements of a tenacious market, the culture of which has strong roots in Italy, which is now looking at the prospects for ever-greater technological integration, at opportunities for professional updating and new international markets to exploit.
Having registered growth of0.92% in 2013 compared to 2012 (source: ANIE SICUREZZA), the sector is showing positive signs of stability on which to base a recovery: 
“The Italian companies that supply technologies for security and property automation represented in ANIE SICUREZZA constitute one of Italy’s finest sectors of excellence,” declared Rosario Romano, Chairman of ANIE SICUREZZA. – “Although the macro-economic context remains critical, the market has shown that it has a greater capacity hold firm than the average segment of the manufacturing industry, especially in the video-surveillance, which has remained positive throughout. The increasing perception of insecurity associated with the spread of crimes against property has driven private individuals to seek out ever-more sophisticated hi-tech equipment and devices. The development prospects of our industry are linked to technological innovation, in Italy and abroad, and ever-greater integration with ICT, within the framework of the smart evolution taking place in all sectors of technology.”
“SICUREZZA 2014 will reflect the current market situation in the sector,” says Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager of SICUREZZA, – “but it also intends to reconfirm its leadership as a unique opportunity, another way of offering new ideas for development to all the companies and trade professionals concerned.
We have invested a great deal in incoming companies from abroad and are making every effort to ensure that the days of the exhibition will provide a real chance to raise the international status of the companies exhibiting, by creating precise buyer profiles which will lead to goal-oriented business meetings. What’s more, in league with all the Italian leading publishers in the sector, we are preparing a panel of events and initiatives that will provide exciting new opportunities for growth, based on the know-how of all the professional profiles in the sector.”  
And it is precisely the subjects of professional growth and integration which constitute one of the main dimensions of the exhibition, which is strongly oriented towards making better use of trade professionals’ know-how. So, at SICUREZZA, there will be no shortage of opportunities to compare standards in the sector and the new areas of intervention for security managers and distributors, not to mention theoretical and practical training sessions for installation and maintenance technicians.
SICUREZZA is therefore ready to welcome trade professionals and companies who want to be part of a truly important event, with an ever broader offering, but also even easier to reach, thanks to the special deals being offered to exhibitors and visitors coming to the exhibition. 
Trade professionals will be able to purchase exclusive packages combining train tickets and accommodation, leaving from/arriving in Italy’s largest cities, and benefit from discounts on the rates of the 4-star hotels in Milan who are supporting the scheme. 
GruppoFiera Milano is making an integrated platform full of opportunities available to all the companies in the security and safety segments. As well as SICUREZZA, it is offering them the chance to expand into the Brazilian market. In fact , through the GRUPO CIPA FIERA MILANO, Fiera Milano is organising EXPOSEC, the International Security Exhibition in São Paulo, scheduled from 13 to 15 May 2014, and FISP, the International Safety and Protection Fair, from 8 to 10 October 2014. Together, SICUREZZA, EXPOSEC and FISP constitute a unique opportunity to expand onto the international market.
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