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Interview: Dean Jones, Channel Director, EMEA, Mojo Networks

Dear Mr. Jones, I'm glad you joined us at Adria Security Summit. For a start, a couple of words about yourself, your position at Mojo Networks, what are you in charge with, your professional experience? 
My name is Dean Jones and I've been with Mojo Networks for around 11 months. Prior to that I worked for Ucopia, probably regarded as the premier provider of guest access management solutions in Europe. Before that I worked with Enterasys Networks as the regional vice-president for UK in Ireland, which is now recognized as Extreme networks. At Mojo Networks, I am the Channel Director for EMEA. I am responsible for the development and management of channel across EMEA and I work very closely with our heads of sales in each specific region. 
Present us Mojo Networks, its core technologies and products?
Mojo Networks has been in existence, as Mojo, for a few years. Prior to that, we were Airtight Networks. Mojo Networks provides secure, cloud-based Wi-Fi. We believe that there is considerable market opportunity within cloud-based Wi-Fi. Over a period of time, there was always a requirement for considerable security and support to what was becoming a more mobile community. On average, each user has at least 3 to 5 Wi-Fi devices. So the density and the requirement to be able to deliver that kind of service is becoming more important. We are able to manage that and to provide strong and secure Wi-Fi. 
We have a full suite of access points. Really interesting ones for us are our three radio access points. The reason is that through them we are able to deliver more support for users by using the third radio in various ways. It’s worthwhile to mention 3 radio designs we have, which makes us unique: indoor access points, smaller one, 2 by 2, C-100; bigger one, top class, 4 by 4, C-130, and the third one we call multipurpose radio. We are able to provide an enhanced level of security by ensuring that there is a complete background scanning available at any time. That is the difference between us and our competition, we can scan WiFi channels, detect other clients and access points, emulate client connections and enforce security rules. We able to do that because of our cloud platform and specifically Mojo Aware.
Mojo Aware is the Cognitive WiFi that harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, machine learning, software-defined networking, and cognitive computing. How does it combines all of these technologies?
Mojo Aware is a recent tool powered by the cloud. We are collecting all the data and logs from the access points, sending them to the cloud and showing to network administrators where exactly is the issue. Instead of minutes or hours, the network administrators need seconds to troubleshoot what’s wrong with the network. Graphical interface is very clean and understandable for most of the network administrators and with a few clicks you see the root of the issue, which is making us really different. Beside this, troubleshooting is also very nice tool for monitoring, because you see the really important information. And with all the data on the cloud, you have the visibility what was wrong or good in your network up to one week back, which also makes us different. We are working to extend this period up to one year. Having gathered that information we are able to troubleshoot the problem extremely quickly. One of the biggest problems in Wi-Fi for support teams and providers is to be able to replicate the problem. Now if within Mojo Aware and our cloud-based solution we are able to minimize that. 
You can also use Mojo Aware to identify problems that are related to other components of network which are not Wi-Fi. This is additional benefit for network administrators to have it all in one package. There are two type network engineers. One is taking care of Wi-Fi, and the other is taking care of infrastructure, internet connectivity and rest of the network. If something is not working, someone has to prove where’s the issue. With Mojo Aware, we are able to highlight the latencies associated with all stages, allowing the network engineers to see precisely where the real issue is.
Thanks to the layer 7 inspection, we can also measure the latency of application traffic, which would boost Mojo Aware to different level of troubleshooting tool. Mojo Aware will exactly tell you: ”You have problems with your Skype, Netflix is working properly.” You can again aim your time and effort to a specific problem, you will not hunt ghosts anymore.
Mojo Networks CEO Rick Wilmer said that the company is „commited to making WiFi simple, affordable and easy for everybody“. What exactly is that related to?
Because of the power of Mojo Aware, we’re able to collect a lot of information, analyse them and deliver appropriate information for people to be able to resolve the problem, or at least to highlight where the problem may be at very large scale in a very small amount of time. As far as affordability is concerned, we have an extremely costly effective solution. There are savings that are made immediately if you move to the Cloud and you move in a secure fashion. Our APs are cost-effective and the Cloud licence itself is very straightforward. The customer effectively decides upon the AP that is appropriate for their business, the length of the Cloud licence they wish to purchase.
Graphical troubleshooting is one area where Mojo Networks has been innovating a lot?
The screen shows data in real time, how many clients are connected, which clients have issues. If they are connected, how many of them have issues to authenticate, how many of them have some network issues, which kind of issues. Every issue is recorded and written. We call it Client Journey, because you can see it up to one week back, which is perfect for network administrators.
You use a cloud-managed WiFi solution which is based on a vision for creating networks that reach new heights in security. Tell us more about the relation between a higher data security and cloud? 
We have a very secure Cloud. We have a number of security certifications that ensure that not only are we able to deliver a physically secure Cloud solution, but all data and management that takes place within cloud is of an extremely high standard. We are expecting to receive FedRAMP certification relatively soon, which will definitely prove that we’re able to deliver a very secure Cloud-based solution. 
We are able to ensure that wireless security is absolutely as it should be. To ensure that air is constantly being scanned, the concept of the third radio is very important. This idea of constant background scanning is very important for the security element. It’s also important to note that not only our Cloud, but we as a company and we as employees own many certificates, we have to go through trainings and security certification.
What is unique about the devices at Mojo Networks to prevent security breaches?
The heritage of Mojo Networks is Airtight and we were regarded as the premier Wi-Fi security provider. From the time of Airtight, Mojo ows more than 24 patents regarding the security detections, wireless intrusion preventions, packet marking technology and combination of everything, making the system so unique, that nobody else, including Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, has the same features, security speaking. Thanks to the patents and our sensors and access points we can deliver outstanding security and really enforce any security policy which the customer is looking for, for instance in terms of enforcing application visibility, for example, Snapchat will not be not accessible in the company environment. Going through peer to peer traffic, we can prevent the client misassociations very easily and we will just disturb the client which is trying to connect to not allowed networks. The prevention is done in a bit different way, because we are not disturbing the other access points, which makes us really different comparing to competition, because their security is based on disturbing the other access points and disconnecting all clients. 
The second thing which is unique is the Mojo Cloud management is the whole structure in the Cloud and the Mojo Aware, and the third are added value features and services, like hotspot, active portal, third party integration. The most important patent to prevent the security breaches is the packet marking technology. We can really detect, with 100% accuracy, evil twin access points, honeypot access points, any rogue access points, which is faking the standard network and trying to catch up the innocent devices and get some data, infect them with some malware, etc. Packet marking technology is giving us zero false alarms. 
Pravin Bhagwat, CTO & Co-Founder of Mojo Networks, recently said that „our (Mojo's) vision is that Wi-Fi is not limited to providing Internet access, and we can do much more with it in the field of data accumulation and transmission“. Can you explain what did Mr Bhagwat had in mind when it comes to using WiFi other than its basic function?
For a very long time, Wi-Fi manufacturers have been providing Wi-Fi access, but what we’re doing now is starting to harness the big data in ways in which people can analyse and enhance the level of service that they’re providing to their users, whether that is to reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot something, to highlight a particular part within the Client’s Journey to ensure they get the right level of service, to provide info to the organization on how network is being used, etc. We ensure that the amount of data is delivered in the simple, graphical form and it is something that can be analysed an interrogated more by the customer.
Which verticals are your targeting? 
Secured Cloud Wi-Fi solution is absolutely appropriate to all customers. However, our focus is on education, enterprise, we are doing considerable amount of business with service providers. We also have a vast number of retail and hospitality customers and we will continue to service them. It is fair to say that if you have travelled the world and you have enjoyed any form of fast food for instance, you probably used a Mojo network, if you used their Wi-Fi. 
Can you name some of your recent projects?
Mojo Networks has had the opportunity to work with a myriad of organizations to ensure Wi-Fi access and connectivity is at its highest possible performance. Recently, the company was nominated for an award, recognizing its innovative work for Jio Reliance, a large network provider located in India. The provider was in the process of rolling out one of the largest networks, essentially offloading LTE traffic to Wi-Fi. They faced the need to deploy millions of access points with billions of users accessing the network at any given time. Mojo Networks was able to develop a solution that leveraged cloud management within the company’s data center, without the need for multiple controllers, which took away the impracticality and prohibitive cost of the project. Since that time, the network has run brilliantly, and the scalability realized by the provider has proved to be an impressive outcome.
How has Mojo Networks contributed in strengthening the government security systems?
As for public sector is general, we are able to provide a level of security certification with some of the more recent certification we have. We have to deliver OS and application security, to provide hosting network security, access control to application and customer data. How do we prove we’re able to do that? By having appropriate SOC compliance, ISO compliance, etc. All of these data centre certificates are important for many government projects. Right now the focus in the US is to get the FedRAMP certification. It will be the next level of access to the government projects, our clients include top levels of US government. 
The WiFi market is growing at 14% year over year. Where do you see an opportunity for achieving higher growth? 
The interesting thing is that, yes it’s 14% year over year, but if you analyse that market data a little more, you start to realize that the cloud-managed wireless enterprise revenues are expected to grow nearly 120% by 2020. We believe that when the time is right, we have strong, stable, secure solution. We believe that the market is ready for this and that we can drive the innovation by delivering the Cloud to the market. We’re absolutely focused on developing in that particular area and continuing to deliver innovative solutions.
What will be the major global trends at the WiFi market in the years that come? Is visualization one of those trends?
Yes, absolutely we do see visualization as being a very important development part and we’ve shown you through Mojo Aware how we believe this particular market will develop. Being able to understand how users are using the Wi-Fi, to troubleshoot problems and to deliver back meaningful information to an organization is very important. If you have access to all of this information, but you’re not necessarily delivering it in the right form, it becomes meaningless and problematic for people to be able to analyse and make decisions on that information, so we think we’re contributing to that quite considerably.
Your oppinion on Adriatic region market, has it evolved, are you pleased with your position in this part of Europe? Where can one buy your products, who are you major regional partners?
We as Mojo are very pleased to be launching our relationship with AdriNet, who is our distributor in the Adriatic region. We’re new to this particular region and we believe we have the very strong and powerful message and an exceptional solution. This market is highly developing in terms of Wi-Fi and applications that require Wi-Fi. Requirements are growing slowly, but constantly. What is good about this region is that people are very educated on a technical side and very interested to deploy latest technologies. That is a good opportunity and AdriNet has a network of very good partners, system integrators across the whole Adriatic region and we’re introducing the Mojo concept to them. Hope to see Mojo Clouds around Adriatics very soon. AdriNet as Mojo’s partner for the region is capable of providing full concept of value added distribution in terms of providing our partners’ resellers whole scale of professional services that are required.
Have you found Adria Security Summit worthwhile to open up a Croatian market and why?
We found it to be a very important and worthwhile event to attend. We’ve particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with a number of regional partner, again through the relationship we have with AdriNet. It was very impressive to see the number of people attending. The professionalism which the Summit has provided is great. It is more reassuring to see that every detail has been dealt with.


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