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New Uniview 4-inch PTZ camera with brackets included

It often happens that customers forget to buy brackets or choose the wrong ones when ordering surveillance cameras. In order to solve this problem, as well as the problem of high brackets tariffs in some regions, Uniview released 4-inch PTZ cameras with included brackets.

Uniview’s new video surveillance devices, in addition to solving the mentioned problems, also have all the advantages of 4-inch PTZ cameras. They are the size of footballs and have a delicate design suitable for installation. With a resolution of 4MP/2MP at 60 fps and 25x zoom, they can clearly track both near and distant targets. Using IR illuminators with a range of 100 meters, they deliver a clear image in various low-light environments, and with IP67 and IK10 protection, they are effectively protected against water immersion and dust ingress.


Compared with previous 6-inch models, Uniview 4-inch PTZ camera has a compact drop-shaped design of the hardware, and by the AI chipset and deep learning algorithm, it can support Smart intrusion prevention and face capture features. UNV 4-inch PTZ camera has a strong premium ability and much control punctuation, which not only meets the needs of project-oriented customers but also suits the SMB and distribution market.

Strong intelligent function

It also has the functions of linkage tracking, people counting, fast focusing, and Smart Intrusion Prevention.

  1. Linkage tracking: It can linkage track moving targets, always captures the target and can cooperate with other intelligent functions alarm.
  2. People counting: It can cover the whole picture. The pixel requirements for people counting are realized by optical zoom.
  3. Fast focusing: Compared with the ordinary camera, it can lock and see the target area faster, and focus quickly within 1s. This can improve efficiency and save time.
  4. Smart Intrusion Prevention: Improving alarm accuracy by filtering out those false alarms triggered by animals, bright lights, leaves, and some environmental factors automatically.


UNV’s LightHunter technology provides great light sensitivity, can capture colorful details in a low-light environment, down to 0.003 Lux. Considering the size and 4MP/2MP@60fps resolution of this PTZ camera, it is oriented mainly to small and medium application scenarios such as residential areas, commercial streets, business parks, etc.

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