a&s Adria magazine celebrates its 200th issue

a&s Adria magazine is delighted to announce the publication of its 200th issue, marking a significant milestone in its dedication to providing insightful coverage of the security industry. With 18 years of service, a&s Adria has become a trusted source of information for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Since its inception in 2006, a&s Adria has witnessed and reported on the evolving landscape of the security sector. From the emergence of smartphones to the rise of cybersecurity concerns and the development of the Internet of Things and AI, the magazine has remained at the forefront of informing its readership.

The magazine expresses immense pride in reaching this remarkable milestone of its 200th issue and extends sincere gratitude to its readers, collaborators, and partners for their continued support throughout the journey.

The magazine’s coverage has not been limited to global trends but has also remained deeply connected to the Adria region. From the introduction of surveillance cameras in major cities to security installations along the Adriatic coast, from Macedonian border crossings to Sarajevo – the birthplace of the Adria Security Summit, a&s Adria has been an integral part of the security landscape in the region.

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About a&s Adria Magazine: a&s Adria magazine is a leading publication in the security industry, providing timely and informative coverage of security technology and trends. With a focus on the Adria region, a&s Adria offers a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of security solutions and innovations. Established in 2006, a&s Adria is committed to excellence in reporting and fostering collaboration within the industry.

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