a&s Adria No.158

Activities during pandemic

In May 2020 HCZ – Croatian Security Association conducted an extensive and practical research on the activites of private protection during the outbreak of Coronavirus in Croatia. The purpose of the research was to form opinions and attitudes about the impact of Coronavirus on this area, the quality of taken measures and the objective needs of the private protection in future business. 47 businesses and their representatives, owners and managers that exist in Croatia, took the part in research. The research dealt with many other current topics and issues like problems in functioning during the pandemic, keeping people employed, customer relations, service prices and digitalization in general. Comapnies stated some very relevant recommendations which can help with viability in the next period.

It is important to emphasize that after 10 years after the last amending and supplementing the Law and almost seven years after the joining the EU, private security industry in Croatia got some new laws. New laws were implemented on 20 February 2020. HCZ brings an overview of several novelties and changes concerning legal entities and members of trades in the profession.

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