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2023: Trends in Cyber Security

The digital revolution brings organizations numerous benefits and doing business without it is almost impossible. However, relying on computerized systems to manage day-to-day activities rises other concerns related to data protection and business continuity.  Fortunately, cyber security practices have evolved enough to protect data and assets and thus ensure business
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Bollards for More Advanced Storefront Safety

We often discuss electronic security systems such as video surveillance and access control. Yet certain physical barriers are also important elements in security. Among them are bollards, which have various applications. By: William Pao, asmag; E-mail: asmag.com Bollards serve many purposes. For store owners, bollards can play a key role in protecting customers/staff

Interview: Hanchul Kim, CEO, Suprema

Market demand for contactless security solutions continues to grow even after the pandemic. Known as the “Apple of the World of Physical Security,” Suprema is a specialized security solutions company integrated with AI that has original technologies for facial recognition and fingerprints. Its main clients are Fortune 500 companies, data centers, banks, and
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The benefits of mobile access with Incedo™

London, May 2023 – Mobile access adoption is growing fast. Why? Because the convenience, security and cost-saving benefits of managing access control with smartphone keys are becoming impossible to ignore.  Global work patterns are more fluid than ever: IBM estimated the world’s remote working population in 2022 at 1.87 billion people. Within security, ASSA ABLOY´s […]
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WEBINAR: 2023 – Trends in Access Control

Digital transformation in access control continues to advance. With the help of new technologies, access control evolved into an inevitable part of providing organizations with additional benefits beyond security. According to last-year a&s Group survey, several technologies stand out. Mature and suitable for use are multimodal biometrics, mobile access control, and