Gunnebo Entrance Control Debuts New Security at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

Gunnebo Entrance Control, a global leader in innovative entrance security solutions, is attending Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 to debut its latest airport entrance systems alongside new advancements in security technology.

Visitors to booth E340 will be able to see live demonstrations of Gunnebo Entrance Control’s latest systems, offering intelligent passenger flow management for all stages of the airport journey.

This includes PreSec which operates as a self-service to check boarding passes before security. Gunnebo Entrance Control will also display LoungeSec with biometric capability and facial data capture to ensure controlled access for authorised customers to Lounge areas.

BoardSec will be presented as an automated self-boarding eGate to accelerate the whole boarding process alongside ImmSec to maximise resources with efficient verification of passengers at border control.

Says Nathan Anstee, VP Mass Transit Gunnebo Entrance Control: “Securing airports at every stage of the passenger journey is crucial for maintaining safety and efficiency in today’s fast-paced travel environment. As airports continue to serve as critical gateways connecting millions of travellers worldwide, the evolving security threats must be met with proactive and advanced entrance control security.

“At Gunnebo Entrance Control, we understand the significance of effective entrance control systems in mitigating risks and ensuring seamless passenger processes for all key touchpoints. Our complete airport portfolio demonstrates how we are supporting airports to manage their passenger flow, combining self-service automated gates with the latest biometric technology and intuitive design.”

At Passenger Terminal Expo 2024, Gunnebo Entrance Control will debut an innovative new airport entrance control system, designed to offer a compact solution with no compromise to the use of the latest security technology, compliant data capture or stylish design.

Nathan concluded: “Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 presents the perfect opportunity to discuss bespoke airport entrance control solution requirements.  We are especially excited to launch our new system that will demonstrate our commitment to research and development in delivering advanced entrance control.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating how we can support airport passenger flow throughout an airport complex, right from the moment a passenger arrives to the moment they leave.  We invite attendees to explore how our solutions redefine the importance of airport entrance control and contribute to safer travel experiences for everyone.”

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