HID Global Aims to Acquire Evolis in France

HID Global has made public its intent to acquire Evolis, a prominent manufacturer of card printers and related supplies. This strategic move merges two key players in the desktop printer market, enriching HID’s printer portfolio, expanding its geographic influence, and augmenting its capacity to cater to diverse industry needs.

Evolis specializes in the creation, production, and distribution of printers and software for personalizing physical credentials. With an established network of partners, Evolis has secured a robust global position in instantly issuing physical credentials, including ID cards, access control badges, payment cards, and personalized credentials.

The proposed purchase price for a full acquisition of Evolis stands at EUR 228.6 million, translating to EUR 43.75 per share of Evolis.

Björn Lidefelt, EVP and Head of HID, expresses excitement about this prospect, stating, “I am looking forward to welcoming Evolis into the HID family. Joining forces with a strong industry player like Evolis would enable us to better meet our customers’ needs and provides complementary growth opportunities across product, geographical, and vertical market presence.”

Evolis History

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Angers, France, Evolis is recognized for its printers and software dedicated to personalizing physical credentials. Employing around 380 individuals, the company operates an efficient manufacturing facility spanning 110,000 square feet. Its established distribution network has solidified its position as a global leader in instant issuance of physical credentials across various sectors. Evolis’ revenue primarily stems from card printers and supplies, supplemented by software offerings such as Cardpresso, Badge Studio, and Edikio. The company also produces printers tailored for kiosk compatibility, a factor that aligns with HID’s expansion goals.

Craig Sandness, SVP and Head of Secure Issuance at HID, emphasizes, “Incorporating Evolis into HID’s Secure Issuance business would reassert our expansion and commitment to leading the desktop printer space. Thanks to Evolis’ strong knowledge of the market, as well as its highly complementary product offering, we look forward to enhancing our offerings to meet a growing population of customers across industries and locations.”

Evolis and HID: Synergistic Advancement

The plan is for Evolis to join HID’s Secure Issuance Business Area, under the leadership of Craig Sandness, operating as its distinct Business Unit. Evolis would leverage HID’s sales and global functions to amplify its offerings.

Emmanuel Picot, Co-Founder and President of Evolis, envisions promising prospects in this collaboration, stating, “Since 1999, our ambition has been to be and continue to be the global leader in decentralized printing of personalized cards. Together, we look forward to creating even more value for our customers, combining our expertise and know-how to create new development opportunities. This would be a big step forward for Evolis, and we are very excited at the prospect of joining HID with the ambition of being stronger together.”

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