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Aperio® technology delivers future-proofed access control for London’s new £15 million innovation hub

London, July 2019 – Modern office design needs access control that is powerful, flexible and aesthetically in tune with workspace users. At Plexal, a new £15 million flexible work environment for East London’s “innovation community”, Aperio® achieves all three — wirelessly. At Plexal enterprise and academia work together, with technology companies, start-ups, universities
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33rd ASEAN Summit ensures clear dialogue between world leaders with simultaneous interpretation from Bosch

As one of the most important events organized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the 33rd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits brought world leaders together in Singapore to discuss economic and political issues in the region. Chaired by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the five-day summit at Suntec Convention Centre featured representatives from […]
Man guarding Najave II Perimeter Protection Software Video Surveillance

How technology is helping to beef up security at events

Terrorist groups continue to target mass gatherings, but technological innovations such as high-definition video, facial recognition and AI are allowing security personnel to better handle such threats. These new technologies can help to identify suspicious individuals and other anomalies in real time as well as for post-event investigation. Sensors mounted at entry points