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Thanks to SMARTair® wireless access control, weekly key management time went from 5 hours to 5 minutes

London, May 2019 – Each of Denmark’s 550 individual Free Schools shares a common ethos: parents and students participate together in activities outside school hours, including weekends. It’s excellent for building a school community. Not so easy for managing security, when issuing and tracking keys becomes a 7-day task every week. The Vejle Friskole turned […]
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From pick up to drop off – student tracking provides peace of mind

Student tracking solutions for school buses are allowing both parents and school administrators to keep track of students during their bus journey to and from school. Izvor: a&s International E-mail: redakcija@asadria.com It’s a simple fact — parents want to know where their children are. Now, with student tracking solutions, this peace of mind can be […]
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Valuable medical equipment is in safe hands with SMARTair™

London, October 2018 – Genuine real-time access management, fast deployment and energy efficiency during operation: these were the key demands of the Maimónides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC), part of the city’s university campus. To handle daily traffic of around 270 people, IMIBIC chose SMARTair™ Wireless Online electronic access control to secure the
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Make your university into a welcoming and secure environment — and keep costs down — with a wireless access system

With an ever-shifting staff and student population, and lots of daily visitors, universities need a flexible access system like Aperio®, as Thomas Schulz explains In an ideal world, university estates managers could monitor and control access throughout their premises. They would know who came and went from computer rooms and classrooms. Conference rooms, teaching rooms
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SMARTair® is improving student life across Europe — and this is just the start

London, September 2018 – Ask a student, or pretty much anyone, what they think about “access control” and you’ll get a shrug. Conversely, all of us are enthusiastic about security and convenience. Students across Europe are discovering SMARTair® wireless access control gives them both. Adding SMARTair® access control to a door involves just replacing a […]
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Securing student accommodation: SMARTair™ access control has the flexibility to handle high traffic and rapid resident turnover

Wireless door devices, locker locks and wall readers put accommodation managers in total control Given the choice, would you rather run security at a bank vault or at student halls of residence? At least the bank job is straightforward: keep the money inside, and everyone else out. If only protecting hundreds of young people was […]