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Apricum Secures EU Funding for Digital and Green Transition Project

Apricum, a prominent Croatian company specializing in digital and green technology solutions, is delighted to announce its successful selection for an EU-funded project aimed at enhancing competitiveness through investments in the digital and green transition. The project, aptly named “Strengthening Competitiveness through Investments in Digital and Green
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How Much Does a Security System Actually Cost?

When buying a security system, decisions often come down to the price tag of cameras, storage, and installation, yet taking this approach can leave the end user with major challenges ahead. Surveillance systems last anywhere from five to 20+ years, so condensing all cost considerations down to the initial expense fails to consider the bigger […]
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New data center security tech for integrators to utilize

Data centers are like many mission-critical facilities, overwhelmed by an ever-increasing volume of data generated by many siloed safety and security systems. While all these systems provide valuable information, the sheer volume of unfiltered and uncorrelated inputs results in data “noise” that drowns out what’s essential and overloads operators. By Prasanth
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HEP Group once again relies on cooperation with MSR-Electronic

Using energy once, profiting twice – that is the principle of combined heat and power (CHP). Whereas electricity and usable heat were usually generated separately so far, cogeneration combines these processes. The result is that less fuel is required overall. Its application offers enormous potential for climate protection and conservation of resources. The increased
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Gas Detection in Commercial and Institutional Buildings

 Why it’s critical and how to make the right choice By Renato Torres, EN-54 Life Safety Systems Portfolio Director, Honeywell In most European countries, commercial and institutional buildings are not governed by strict regulations for gas detection. Gas detection is often not well understood or applied in these applications. There are several challenges to implementing
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Keeping US schools safe from guns requires more than stricter laws

Source: William Pao, asmag.com From time to time, we hear about school shooting incidents in the United States. While stricter gun control laws are being considered and debated, schools themselves should also invest in security technologies to help prevent further tragedies. Ever since Columbine, school shootings have emerged as a major societal problem in the […]
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Ten “deadly sins” when installing a video surveillance system

We are all humans, so we all make mistakes. However, there are such common cases that you should be aware of and avoid. Specialists of Partizan company have collected, systematized and listed them to say once and for all – it should not be like that!  1. DHCP remains enabled after adding to NVR Most […]
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Siemens’ new natural extinguishing agents protect business continuity in critical areas

Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduces its new natural agent extinguishing portfolio, Sinorix NXN. Focusing on the protection of lives, assets and business continuity, the new fire extinguishing portfolio combines simplicity with advanced technology to modernize traditional fire safety. The agents consist of the natural gases argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. They are