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Aikom: Corporate Security: Business Needs and Innovative Solutions

In increasingly complex and dynamic business environments, security is a top priority. Motorola Solutions conducted an in-depth survey that provides a detailed overview of the security needs of enterprises, collected in the Security in Enterprises Report 2023. This report provides essential guidance for companies in every industry, highlighting innovative solutions and
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Smoldering Threat: Are Lithium-Ion Batteries A Real Danger To People And Property?

In the era of digital innovation and mobility, lithium-ion batteries are the beating heart of the industry and everyday devices such as phones, laptops, electric bicycles, and scooters. However, does this heart pump excessively “hot” blood at a time when fires associated with these devices are becoming more common, and what is the industry’s response […]
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Apricum Secures EU Funding for Digital and Green Transition Project

Apricum, a prominent Croatian company specializing in digital and green technology solutions, is delighted to announce its successful selection for an EU-funded project aimed at enhancing competitiveness through investments in the digital and green transition. The project, aptly named “Strengthening Competitiveness through Investments in Digital and Green
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Compact for convenience – the G40, Checkpoint Systems newest space-saving EAS antenna

XXX 2019 –Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source to shopper solutions, has today announced the launch of the G40, a small footprint acrylic antenna specifically designed to tackle theft in convenience stores. With small format stores growing at an exponential rate globally, the need to protect merchandise in high traffic, small footprint environments is […]