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Dahua Provides ITS Solution for the Capital of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is the capital and the largest city of Mongolia, with a population over 1.3 million, which is almost half of the country’s total population. Over the past decade, the number of vehicles in Ulaanbaatar has risen by more than 300,000. As the political and cultural center of Mongolia, the increasing number of inhabitants and […]
Perimeter Protection Transport / Traffic Utility Video Surveillance

Perimeter protection – More than meets the eye

Perimeter protection is essential in critical infrastructures such as airports or utilities. Video analytics can greatly improve security in such environments while at the same time lowering costs and network strain. 286 perimeter breaches in ten years – this was the result of an Associated Press investigation on the busiest 31 airports in the United […]
Najave II Transport / Traffic

Dahua surveillance solution guarantees the safety of Recife’s subway

Recife’s urban trains system carries around 400 thousand passengers a day – it is the third largest railway operator in number of users in Brazil. To ensure a safe journey for passengers, it is imperative to increase the subway security with modern technologies and monitoring equipment. Izvor: Dahua Technology E-mail: redakcija@asadria.com The main challenge was […]
Communication and Transmission Najave II Software Transport / Traffic

Latest surveillance technologies keep seaports more secure

With two huge targets — people and assets, seaports are a likely mark for attacks. Video surveillance plays an important part of ensuring the safety and security of seaports, and new and improved technologies are helping do so. Izvor: a&s International E-mail: redakcija@asadria.com Seaports are a gateway for people and goods to enter different cities […]
Access Control Najave II Software Transport / Traffic Video Surveillance

Vertical solution: Advancements in analytics enhance airport surveillance

Due to the strict regulations for safety and air travel, airports require comprehensive security technology. To meet these requirements, the world’s largest airports use some of the most advanced technologies available — some of which are centered around video surveillance. Izvor: a&s International E-mail: redakcija@asadria.com Kategorije za web: Transport, video