Partizans and Patriots: new powerful integration

One of the top news of this summer! Partizan Security and Patriot Systems have entered into an integration agreement. Now our CCTV equipment, as well as Partizan cloud storage, will be fully compatible with Patriot software.

Patriot Systems is a well-known world leader in software solutions for security monitoring. The company was founded back in 1997. Patriot software is used by security companies around the world. Patriot Systems regional offices are successfully operating in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand.

“We, as Partizan Security, always respect companies with a history, that have long become leaders in their market and do not lose their positions from year to year thanks to innovation. The great thing is that we are alike with many of them, share values ​​and find a common language – precisely as a leader with a leader. We are pleased with the new partnership agreement with Patriot Systems, and we believe that cooperation will bring many good results, because product quality and care for users are the key principles of our companies”, — commented Dmitriy Danilchenko, CEO and founder of Partizan Security.

We believe that integration will be an important step in the development of both companies! After all, Patriot Systems and Partizan Security are united by a common business ideology aimed at developing and improving our products.

In addition, we can also congratulate our customers with this partnership deal between Partizan Security and Patriot Systems. Will be even more features, functionality, innovation!

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