Najave II Software Video Surveillance

Unlocking the Potential of Next-Generation Technology: Vision Object Analytics

VIVOTEK provides a full range of AI-based IP surveillance solutions, from cameras to video management systems. Consisting of AI-based IR, Smart Motion Detection, Smart Video Content Analytics, Vision Object Analytics, and Deep Search, VIVOTEK’s line of AI deep learning products enable customers to automate their everyday surveillance with pre-defined detection rules and real-time computing, reduce efforts for post-event footage review, and enhance the accuracy of evidence search by introducing multiple attributes for both people and vehicles.

The new NVR with advanced features such as powerful Deep Search, Scene Search, and a user-friendly interface, allowing security professionals to quickly identify and act on problems before they become major issues. It also features embedded 16x 802.3 at/af PoE ports to provide users with easy and convenient IP camera installation and supports remote and mobile access via VIVOCloud and iViewer apps for both iOS and Android devices. The VIVOCloud app provides instant push notification and direct video playback functions when triggered by an alarm notification and provides users with a flexible and intelligent NVR for seamless use in small to medium-sized video surveillance applications. The new NVR can be used in VIVOTEK server architecture in VSS with full integration where we can manage and monitor multisite NVRs installation from one place. All NVR features are integrated to provide events in VSS, especially features like deep search and scene search, where is possible from one place to search all attributes NVR save from cameras.

Next Generation NVR Firmware: Core+ AI

Core+ AI firmware takes Core+ up to another level. Core+ AI NVRs are empowered with Deep Search, utilizing AI to provide the fastest, smartest, and most efficient evidence search user experience. VIVOTEK cameras enabled with Vision Object Analytics provide the metadata Deep Search’s AI uses. Deep Search is comprised of two main functions: Attribute Search and Scene Search.

NVR with AI Attributes Features

– People gender, age group & clothing colour including backpack & hat

– Vehicle type & color

Where you use it

Why this solution is perfect, with feature deep search and scene search can be used in public space and on the best way to protect the private personal information of any person in public space. With this feature, cameras will be collecting only information about what they wear. For police or other security services, searching for a suspect without the use of facial recognition technology can alleviate concerns, as it will not collect any private personal information. Instead, the system will simply record the suspect’s clothing color.

This solution can be used in traffic solutions where we can collect information about vehicles and will be saved only basic information about vehicles like type and color. That means it will be much easy for police or some security service to find some suspect vehicle in the large numbers of vehicles that pass every day on city streets. And very easy can be follow suspect vehicle. In the end, when is detected suspect vehicle from recorded material and camera high resolution will be very easy to read the license plate and help to get more information about the suspect vehicle. But very important information like license plate numbers will not be saved in the system, which is one more way how to protect private personal information.

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