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UNV Smart NVR: Help in Some Intelligent Applications

Uniview provides a comprehensive Smart NVR product line. Uniview’s IQ series serves as the foundational smart choice, equipped with support for SIP, UMD, and Face Recognition features. Positioned as the mid-tier option, the IM series provides strong support for Video Metadata. Lastly, Uniview’s high-level IX series distinguishes itself with support for Behavior Analysis capabilities.

Compared to normal NVRs, Smart NVR has many functional upgrades, especially in smart function parts. In order to facilitate a better understanding of the smart NVR series, below is the brief introduction to explain the specific upgrade feature points of different series.

IQ Series

The –IQ product series includes NVR502/4-B-IQ and NVR504/08/16/24-E-IQ. This series supports from 2 HHD model to 24 HDD model, from 8 channel model to 256 channel model. If you have accurate search requirement, you could have full choices.

  1. First of all, –IQ product series supports Raid. Even 2 HDD model supports Raid 1. NVR508-E-IQ supports up to RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10.
  2. Secondly, this series supports AcuSearch: retrieval upgrade. Just one pick in preview and playback to realize accurate human/vehicle retrieval. With the AcuSearch function, targets can be framed for instant retrieval without requiring any additional search items. This significantly improves retrieval efficiency.
  3. Lastly, -IQ series supports smart functions itself. Take NVR502-B-IQ model as an example. It supports 4-ch SIP (Smart Intrusion Prevention) and 8-ch UMD (Ultra Motion Detection). When comparing with competitors, Uniview products have more channels of smart functions.

IM Series

NVR816-IM and NVR824-IM focus more on video metadata. With video metadata, the NVR can search the human, vehicle and non-motor vehicle by attributes:

  1. Motor vehicle (4 types): vehicle color, vehicle type, vehicle brand, direction.
  2. Non-motor vehicle (5 types): non-motor vehicle type, direction, gender, age, upper garment length.
  3. Human body (7 types): gender, age, mask, hairstyle, bag style, direction, upper garment length, lower garment length.

Based on advanced AI chipset, Uniview combine powerful deep learning algorithm and abundant data to realize target classification. Then Uniview launched –IM series. With the help of video metadata, the search speed and accuracy will be much higher.

IX Series

NVR824-IX supports up to 16 types of behavior analysis: No chef hat detection, Climbing detection, Long stay detection, Absence detection, Rat detection, Falling detection, No work clothes detection, Smoke and Fire Detection and so on. Take falling detection as an example. At night, some drunk people may break into the convenience store to buy alcohol. At this time, accident such as falling is prone to occur. The accident will cause the shelves to be broken and cause the loss of goods. Also, elderly people are more likely to fall down than young people. This function can provide timely help to the elderly who have fallen. So This type of Smart NVR helps in a lot of scenarios.


Smart NVRs offer intelligent solutions and bring enhanced capabilities to your projects through product upgrades. With these advanced systems, effective people management becomes achievable. In the main scene application, the smart NVR new products of each form can be applied to supermarket and store scenes respectively in different functions.

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