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Video surveillance in the warehouse: detailed review

Statistics show that most thefts in warehouses are carried out by… the staff themselves. Therefore, surveillance cameras at such facilities perform two important functions at once: they help to reveal crimes that have already been committed and keep workers from doing bad deeds.

And in general, video surveillance brings discipline. And in case of emergency situations or accidents, CCTV cameras allow you to quickly learn about the event and react to it.

Where is the best place to install CCTV cameras in the warehouse?

It is important to carefully consider the location of the equipment in order to cover all important “risk zones”. As a rule, they include:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Places of unloading/loading
  • Places for storing goods
  • Sorting zones
  • Perimeter fencing

Pay attention! High-resolution CCTV cameras are recommended at entrances/exits and sorting areas. After all, it is important here to distinguish people’s faces, car license plates, and even product labels.

If you deal with small products, it is worth installing additional CCTV cameras that will be directed to the shelves with the goods. Place CCTV cameras in unloading/loading areas so that the view is not obstructed by traffic.

Also, CCTV cameras should be mounted at a sufficient height. So they will not be damaged during loading and unloading operations. And thanks to this, no one will be able to get to them to deliberately blind or change the viewing angle.

Do not forget also about the critical rule of good installation: all wires must be in corrugations or into special channels in the walls; CCTV cameras — on mounting bases.

Important moment! Warehouses are usually not well-lit. Therefore, you should choose surveillance cameras with high sensitivity and good infrared illumination. To protect the perimeter, you should pay attention to full-color CCTV cameras that can work in Full Colour 24/7 mode. For example, it can be Partizan 5.0MP IPD-5SP-IR SDM Full Colour Cloud IP CCTV camera.

In addition to IR illumination, this CCTV camera has powerful white LEDs that can work either constantly or when a person is detected in the frame. It is effective — it works both as additional illumination and as a “deterrent” of a potential intruder.

Special video recorders are usually used to record video data, but you can use an even more functional solution: Partizan Cloud Storage service. It’s simple, innovative and completely safe. So no one will be able to steal, damage or delete the video. And you will always have access to it even from your smartphone thanks to Partizan mobile application.

Security at the warehouse is easy! Don’t neglect it!

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