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As we slowly approach the end of this year, the period becomes very active for all technical personnel in the security business. Technicians and engineers need to complete projects that are due within this year, while project consultants are already working on projects for the next year. The security business faces a significant challenge with a skilled labor shortage, ranging from technicians to project consultants. It is crucial that these professionals have the appropriate tools for their work. By having excellent tools, the time required to complete tasks can become shorter.

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VIVOTEK recognizes the importance of this and has a longstanding tradition of developing tools to assist technical individuals in completing their tasks as efficiently as possible. Alongside their high-quality products, VIVOTEK has also developed top-notch tools.

Shepherd – Camera Management Tool for Technicians and Engineers

So, what is Shepherd?

Shepherd is embedded with powerful device management functions, allowing for the easy setup of multiple cameras simultaneously. The software automatically generates a list of all VIVOTEK devices connected to the network. Users can manually group cameras to apply pre-configured settings.

Shepherd offers various powerful functions, including IP address assignment, remote reboot/restore, and firmware and VADP package uploads. It greatly benefits system integrators and installers who frequently have projects requiring the simultaneous setup of multiple cameras with identical settings.

Shepherd supports batch firmware uploads, exporting device lists for VIVOTEK NVRs, updating virus signatures for cameras equipped with the Trend Micro IoT Security package, and importing/exporting configurations for Stereo Tracker, Deep Learning VCA, and VCA packages.

Validation Tool – Easy People Counting Correction

The Validation Tool is a smart and user-friendly tool that validates the accuracy of people-counting camera results. This tool supports practical functions such as manual counting, combining results from multiple counting cameras, and providing comparison results. With an accuracy rate of up to 98%, it is extremely beneficial for system integrators or administrators who need to evaluate counting results.

BIMobject – 3D Software for BIM for Project Consultants and Engineers

VIVOTEK IP Camera Families are now accessible within Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, specifically BIMobject. BIMobject is a comprehensive software application that supports the entire BIM workflow, from concept to construction. Users of BIMobject can now directly incorporate interactive 3D CAD VIVOTEK camera models into their building plans, seamlessly integrating VIVOTEK surveillance into their designs. Everything, from camera resolution to field of view to mounting options, is considered, ensuring comprehensive coverage through stunning 3D visualization.

  • 3D Design Visualization
  • Focal Length Adjustments for Targeted H-FOV/V-FOV
  • Object Range, Camera Resolution, Camera Position, and Camera Angle Adjustments
  • Choice of Mounting Options
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Ensured Full Surveillance Coverage
  • Save, Print, Collaborate, and Export using Autodesk

IP Video System Design Tool – Intuitively Design Surveillance Systems with 2D/3D Views

VIVOTEK has integrated with JVSG (IP Video System Design Tool) to facilitate the rapid and straightforward design of professional video surveillance systems. With the IP Video System Design Tool, users can calculate precise lens focal lengths and viewing angles for all cameras in a matter of seconds. This aids in checking the field of view for each camera and identifying any dead zones, thereby enhancing premises security using both 2D and 3D modeling. This intelligent tool also provides more accurate estimations for network bandwidth, storage requirements, and other practical functions to elevate your surveillance system design.

  • 2D Planning for Each Camera’s Field of View
  • 3D Views and Simulations
  • Realistic 3D Models
  • Increased efficiency in your security system while reducing costs by finding optimal camera locations
  • Rapid calculation of precise camera lens focal lengths and viewing angles
  • Field of view checks for each camera, identifying dead zones to enhance premises security using 2D and 3D modeling
  • Estimations of required network bandwidth for shaping network video systems with varying numbers of IP cameras and video servers
  • Calculation of necessary HDD storage space for video archives
  • Load site plans/floor plans with JPEG, JPG, BMP, or PDF background images
  • Print or export your project as a PDF, including calculations, drawings, and 3D mock-ups, to create excellent project documentation.

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