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Events List

Intersec Dubai16-18 January 2024Dubai, UAEhttps://intersec.ae.messefrankfurt.com/dubai/en.html
Integrated Systems Europe30 jan – 2 Feb 2024Barcelona, Spainhttps://www.iseurope.org/ise-2024-conference-programme
Light + Building3-8 March 2024Frankfurt, Germanyhttps://light-building.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en.html
World Police Summit5-7 March 2024Dubai, UAEhttps://www.worldpolicesummit.com
ASIS Europe20-22 March 2024Vienna, Austriahttps://asiseurope.org

Ultimaco i CREAPLUS Symposium “Navigating the Digital Trust Landscape”

April 11Rome, Italywww.creaplus.com
ISC West9-12 April 2024Las Vegas, USAhttps://www.discoverisc.com/west/en-us.html
GISEC Global23-25 April 2024Dubai, UAEhttps://www.gisec.ae
Secutech Taiwan24-26 April 2024Taipei, Taiwanhttps://secutech.tw.messefrankfurt.com/taipei/en.html
The Security Event30 April – 2 May 2024Birmingham, UKhttps://www.thesecurityevent.co.uk
ISNR21-23 May 2024Abu Dhabi, UAEhttps://isnrabudhabi.com
Integrate Middle East21-23 May 2024Dubai, UAEhttps://www.integrateme.com
Security Essen17-20 Septembar 2024Essen, Germanyhttps://www.security-essen.de/
Intersec Riyadh1-3 October 2024Riyadh, KSAhttps://intersec-ksa.ae.messefrankfurt.com/ksa/en.html
OFSEC, Oman8-9 October 2024Muscat, Sultanate of Omanhttps://www.ofsecevent.com
Adria Security Summit9-10 October 2024Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinahttps://www.adriasecuritysummit.com
ISAF Fuari10-13 October 2024Istanbul, Turkeyhttps://www.isaffuari.com
Romanian Security Fair16–18.October 2024Bucharest, Romaniawww.romaniansecurityfair.eu
ANTICIPATE LONDON2-4 December 2024London, UKhttps://www.anticipate-event.com/london/en/home.html
Intersec Police Summit14-16 January 2025Dubai, UAEhttps://intersec.ae.messefrankfurt.com/dubai/en/programme-events/intersec-police-summit.html
Open Days of Konica Minolta February 5-16 Zagreb, Hrvatska https://www.konicaminolta.hr/hr-hr
Synology Workshop February 22 Belgrade, Serbia www.sionnet.rs
Cambium Networks Roadshow (Banja Luka) February 26 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina www.cambiumnetworks.com
Cambium Networks Roadshow (Sarajevo) February 27 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina www.cambiumnetworks.com
Cambium Networks Roadshow (Tirana) March 13 Tirana, Albania www.cambiumnetworks.com
EGAL Customer Briefing Center Opening March 21 Ljubljana, Slovenia https://egal-eu.com/en/
Technobank April 10-11 Beograd, Serbia www.technobank.rs
Ultimaco i CREAPLUS Symposium “Navigating the Digital Trust Landscape” April 11 Rome, Italy www.creaplus.com
Repex April 17-18 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina www.edge-res.ba
International Conference “Private Protection 2024” April 18 Zagreb, Croatia http://hcz.hr/
International Conference of Montenegrin Security Managers “Security – Challenges and Perspectives” April 20-21 Pržno, Montenegro www.ambcg.me
Days of Corporate Security May 13-14 Ljubljana, Slovenia www.ics-institut.si
Time&Space Meeting May 20 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina www.www.spica.ba
66th International Technical Fair May 21-24 Beograd, Serbia https://sajamtehnike.rs/
Deč Open 2024 May 30 Deč, Serbia https://www.spica.ba/
RISK Conference June 12-13 Laško, Slovenia www.risk-conference.com
Infosek September 4-6 Nova Gorica, Slovenia www.infosek.net
Adria Security Summit October 9-10 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina www.adriasecuritysummit.com
TechHosted October 11-13 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina https://techhosted.ba/sr/home
Zagreb Security Forum October 11-12 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina https://techhosted.ba/sr/home
SmartCard October 14-16 Zagreb, Croatia smartcard.conferenceatnet.com
International Conference “Critical Infrastructure Systems in the Era of Artificial Intelligence” October 17-18 Belgrade, Serbia https://cisai.caruk.rs/