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Cyber Security Najave II Office / Corporate Software

New data center security tech for integrators to utilize

Data centers are like many mission-critical facilities, overwhelmed by an ever-increasing volume of data generated by many siloed safety and security systems. While all these systems provide valuable information, the sheer volume of unfiltered and uncorrelated inputs results in data “noise” that drowns out what’s essential and overloads operators. By Prasanth
Building Automation Communication and Transmission Najave II SMAhome Software

Fixed Network Foundation Layer for 21st Century Smart Buildings

Digital infrastructure technologies are now available to the building industry as it seeks to reduce energy consumption while hosting billions of connected devices. The use of Ethernet cable infrastructure for combined power and data communications solves smart building connectivity, power delivery, network topology, and thermal management issues. This will streamline
Najave II Software Video Surveillance

Unlocking the Potential of Next-Generation Technology: Vision Object Analytics

VIVOTEK provides a full range of AI-based IP surveillance solutions, from cameras to video management systems. Consisting of AI-based IR, Smart Motion Detection, Smart Video Content Analytics, Vision Object Analytics, and Deep Search, VIVOTEK’s line of AI deep learning products enable customers to automate their everyday surveillance with pre-defined detection rules

New version X5 of the PSIM platform WinGuard

For three decades, WinGuard has been one of the leading PSIM platforms for the unified visualization and control of subsystems. Recently Advancis has presented its new version WinGuard X5 which is based on the new software platform AOP and thus offers more flexibility through open access for 3rd party applications.  As networking and digitization steadily […]