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How technology is helping to beef up security at events

Terrorist groups continue to target mass gatherings, but technological innovations such as high-definition video, facial recognition and AI are allowing security personnel to better handle such threats. These new technologies can help to identify suspicious individuals and other anomalies in real time as well as for post-event investigation. Sensors mounted at entry points
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Latest surveillance technologies keep seaports more secure

With two huge targets — people and assets, seaports are a likely mark for attacks. Video surveillance plays an important part of ensuring the safety and security of seaports, and new and improved technologies are helping do so. Izvor: a&s International E-mail: redakcija@asadria.com Seaports are a gateway for people and goods to enter different cities […]
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Vertical solution: Advancements in analytics enhance airport surveillance

Due to the strict regulations for safety and air travel, airports require comprehensive security technology. To meet these requirements, the world’s largest airports use some of the most advanced technologies available — some of which are centered around video surveillance. Izvor: a&s International E-mail: redakcija@asadria.com Kategorije za web: Transport, video