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Get data with AI

When cameras can understand what they’re seeing, they can convert video data into actionable insights allowing users to predict and pre-empt potential dangers. Years ago, we recognized the acceleration and adoption of AI as a trend, and we equipped all our video security cameras with built-in AI as a standard. Cameras produced on our open […]
Access Control Najave II Software

Face recognition – the new standard for new generation systems

By Artem Arifov, Suprema Business Manager; sales_eu@supremainc.com Traditionally if we look at Access Control systems, we would find touch solutions either with RFID cards, keypads or fingerprint sensors. For many years, these technologies have conquered the market over all its verticals. But as time passed, the technological breakthrough introduced in our everyday life
Public Address and Voice Alarm Software

Plug and broadcast

TOA’s new horn speaker uses IP audio and common industry standards to make Public Address (PA) as easy as possible Looking at the rather unassuming IP-A1SC15 loudspeaker from the Japanese audio specialists TOA, you wouldn’t guess the number of features this product has to offer. For the sake of accuracy, the product description would have […]
Access Control Najave II Software

Building security trends: Smart cameras, hybrid cloud and open platforms

Building managers attach great importance to security. At the same time, they are looking for ways to improve a building’s overall efficiency and energy savings. In this note we look at some smart building solutions that help managers achieve those objectives. Source: asmag.com; mail: redakcija@asadria.com Needless to say, security is of paramount importance in commercial