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How Much Does a Security System Actually Cost?

When buying a security system, decisions often come down to the price tag of cameras, storage, and installation, yet taking this approach can leave the end user with major challenges ahead. Surveillance systems last anywhere from five to 20+ years, so condensing all cost considerations down to the initial expense fails to consider the bigger […]
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Facial Recognition Solution for New Age

VIVOTEK, the leading global IP surveillance provider, strives to provide comprehensive security solutions and launches the first-ever facial recognition camera that integrates edge computing to help enterprises quickly identify the gender and age of people in the video on edge, as well as those who are wearing masks. The camera has a built-in memory card […]
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Axis Addresses Cybersecurity Risks in Software Development with a Native Security Model

Axis Communications, a Swedish company that specializes in network video surveillance and access control solutions, has implemented an internally developed methodology called the Axis Security Development Model – ASDM. The ASDM provides a baseline for cybersecurity by describing different security activities that should be considered throughout the software