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In 2009 magazine „Zaštita“ goes step by step with changes on the market and following the regional growth of its subscribers and advertisers with a new name a&s Adria, becomes a part of the portfolio of the world’s largest security magazine group, a&s Group.

New Era International Inc. (a.k.a. a&s Group (Automation & Security Group)) is founded in 1991 and is the leading global media service provider about security and protection. Synergizing publications, online services, hosting event and trade shows, a&s Group specialized itself in connecting users and companies suppliers of security products. The portfolio of a&s Magazines includes: a&s International, a&s China Best Buys, a&s Asia (above published in English), a&s China, a&s Installer, a&s Solution, a&s Taiwan, Fire & Safety and Info Security (above published in Chinese). a&s Turkiye, a&s Adria, a&s Italy, a&s India and a&s Japan are licensed editions.

The company Global security d.o.o. as the publisher of magazine „Zaštita“ started its activities in 2006. The magazine has, with releable informing and in depth understanding of issues in the security industry, soon become a respectable information source inevitable on desks of security professionals. With a clear vision of development and comprehensive reporting, the magazine established itself as the key bind between users and suppliers of security products.

Published by Global Security d.o.o., a&s Adria as the successor of magazine „Zaštita“, continues to circulate as a monthly publication about security and protection operating as the licensed representative of A&S Group for the region of the following countries of SouthEastern Europe (listed alphabetically): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia.

The magazine a&s Adria is read by professionals who work in the security department or in general have contact with the term security on professional or private base and also for company managers, who are daily exposed to increasing and varied security risks.