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At a particularly favourable time for the sector, the event is getting ready for its fourth edition with plenty of special areas and training events Milan,

Interview: Florin Marica, Managing Director, UltraVision Consult

UltraVision Consult’s strategic approach is to bridge the competency gap between manufacturers/distributors and installers/system integrators in

Incedo™ Cloud enhancements: new EAC-M90 updater controller for high flexibility with building access

London, September 2023 – In today’s dynamic business landscape, where offices, manufacturing plants, co-working spaces, and multi-use facilities

Securitas Expands Global Agreement With Microsoft

Securitas has signed an expanded 5-year agreement to provide data centre security for Microsoft in 31 countries, solidifying a strong relationship.

HID Global Aims to Acquire Evolis in France

HID Global has made public its intent to acquire Evolis, a prominent manufacturer of card printers and related supplies. This strategic move merges two key

Uniview EasyStar IPC Series

Most crimes happen at night because of the ultra-low light environment that provides favorable circumstances for criminals. The key information about

UltraVision: PSIM Implementation in the Utilities Sector

UltraVision’s client operates within the essential utility industry with a workforce of 2,000 employees and 1,000 independent contractors. Their twenty

SoftNET: Securing Your Data with Ethernet Virtual Private Line

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly reliant on the Internet to carry out their

VIVOTEK Tools for Technicians, Engineers, and Project Consultants

As we slowly approach the end of this year, the period becomes very active for all technical personnel in the security business. Technicians and engineers

Smoldering Threat: Are Lithium-Ion Batteries A Real Danger To People And Property?

In the era of digital innovation and mobility, lithium-ion batteries are the beating heart of the industry and everyday devices such as phones, laptops,