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Ever since the beginning of last year, when the new coronavirus pandemic began, the security industry is undergoing a kind of mini-technological transformation. While the world is closely following global economic and epidemiological trends in anticipation of final unfolding, security technology solutions are at the “first combat line ”, continuously improving and developing in accordance with the requirements of users.

From a technological perspective, the pandemic has increased interest in more technological platforms, from video surveillance and analytics to identity management solutions which include both digital and physical access. The same goes for event management solutions and security operations centers (SOCs). The pandemic also triggered a new wave of innovations among security technologies, even if they will not result completely with new systems whose procurement will be mandatory for customers. That’s why many manufacturers prefer to think in the direction of adding new features to existing products, like which are analytics for measuring body temperature or row management systems repurposed to monitor space occupancy levels. Suppliers of facial recognition solutions now want to add new ones or reconfigure existing authentication algorithms to allow these devices to authenticate even when a person wears a mask.

An additional important opportunity for security technology to emerge as a knight in shining armor in the fight against the pandemic there will also be a global distribution of vaccines as one of the largest logistical endeavors of our era. This significant distribution and logistics mission force investments in airports, ports and logistics centers that will be in charge of vaccine protection. Safety of these valuable drugs will be necessary at all stages, from the beginning of distribution, through customs clearance to delivery, and will include control of unauthorized handling and theft and strengthening the digital and physical defense capacity of participants in the supply chain.

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