Hikvision Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary in Europe

This September marks Hikvision Europe’s 10th year since the establishment of the European head office in the Netherlands. The company is proud to look back on its impressive past development and thanks its partners and customers for their loyal support. It is also taking the opportunity to look to the future with plans for expanding its head office and strengthening opportunities for supporting partners.

10 years is a significant milestone for Hikvision Europe. The company achieved dramatic development, both regarding business operations as well as with its employees. From just a few people, the company’s workforce has grown to over 300 dedicated employees serving customers all over Europe. In addition to the establishment of the European head office in the Netherlands, Hikvision Europe opened 8 branch offices in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and in Romania over the past 10 years. Besides the branch offices, the company established sales offices in Finland, Sweden, Portugal and Belgium. Yet, the existing head office with its 2000m2 of office space and 4500m2 of warehouse space has proven to be at capacity. Plans for an additional building that will double the space available and consultations with the employees are finished and construction will commence by the end of this year. In the words of Hikvision Europe’s General Manager Derek Yang: “The company has grown from tiny nut to big oak.”

Hikvision places great emphasis on its partners and customers. “Our greatest strength is our smooth running ecosystem that connects our customers with our innovative technical knowhow, technical support team, product and solution design capability, strong manufacturing power and our passionate sales network,” says Yang. To date, the company counts more than 600 distributor partners and more than 30,000 installer partners all over Europe. This reflects Hikvision Europe’s longstanding focus on always putting their customers at the center of their activities. “We also want to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for supporting Hikvision in the past 10 years,” Yang continues. “To win the respect from the market and our customers and to bring our business close to our customers is an accomplishment that we have worked long and hard to achieve and it would not have been possible without our valued partners.”

Looking to the future, Yang’s vision for the next 10 years is becoming clear: “My predecessor Jiangfeng Zhi founded Hikvision Europe and lay a solid foundation. When I took over as General Manager of Hikvision Europe, I aimed to restructure the organization into a ‘country-oriented’ system. For the future, I want to expand our business – for example by establishing a local Research and Development division; by setting up a multi-field partner ecosystem; by making our business range more flexible and wider; and by creating more opportunities for our employees, our partners and our customers. But first, let’s start by expanding our Hikvision Europe office buildings to make room for our coming growth.”

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