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In each edition of our magazine it is possible to insert add-ons with maximum weight not more than 100 g. One CD / DVD in paper cover is app. 55 grams in weight. The maximum format of paper catalog which can be inserted in magazine (as add-on) is 270×200 mm (but not bigger than format 280×210 mm, if the catalog does not consist of more than 8 pages in total).
The maximum thickness of added catalogue in 270×200 format is 8mm and for 280×210 format – not more than 4 mm). CD / DVD per issue, up to 2,500 copies – 400.00 Euro Catalog according to the above mentioned technical specification – 500.00 Euro
Pendants or other promotional material – 300.00 Euro
For other promotional material provided (if the weight and dimensions do not exceed packing limitations), please do contact us for special offer.
Reservation for inserting of any kind of add-on material mentioned above is to be done not later than 23rd day in the month, for the next magazine issue. For any reservation received by A&S Adria after the mentioned date we will not be in position to guarantee the rendering of that service for the next magazine issue.
Delivery of the add-on material which is to be inserted in our magazine should be done not later than 23rd day in the month.
If it is welcomed by our client, our technical editorial team is in position to offer complete service consisted of design, printing, binding, packing, etc., of printed add-on material which is to be inserted in our magazine.
The costs of inserted add-on material designed and produced by our technical editorial team are to be paid by ordering party. The price for that kind of service is to be considered as a special offer issue.