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UNV Tri-Guard 2.0 Products Offer Nighttime Security and On-Site Protection

As application scenarios become increasingly complex, traditional security systems encounter issues such as difficulty retrieving evidence due to low-quality nighttime images and numerous false alarms triggered by non-target objects.

In response, UNV released the innovative and powerful Tri-Guard Technology. Tri-Guard technology combines ColorHunter technology, smart intrusion prevention, and active deterrence to deliver a highly efficient and powerful solution that effectively responds to complex scenarios.

On top of this, in 2024, UNV released Tri-Guard 2.0 Products based on Tri-Guard 1.0 models, which are upgraded in three core features: ColorHunter technology with F1.0 super large aperture, Active Deterrence with Red & Blue light and Smart Intrusion Prevention with color retrieval. Instead of only relying on the recorded videos as evidence after an event, Tri-guard 2.0 technology makes it possible to act during the event with its Active Deterrence and Real-time Alarm functions. This series can prevent events from happening in the first place.

F1.0 Super Large Aperture

Tri-Guard 2.0 IPCs adopt F1.0 super large aperture which greatly improves image quality. The F1.0 aperture lens of Tri-Guard 2.0 cameras increases the light input by 2 times and 4 times compared with F1.4 and F2.0 cameras respectively. With an ultra-large aperture paired with an ultra-high resolution of 8 MP and a frame rate of 30 fps, users can capture the details of their targets even at night.

Better Hardware

Bullet and turret cameras with Tri-Guard 2.0 technology have built-in red and blue twin-wick light, which is more eye-catching than white light. In addition, the built-in 3W high-power speaker can provide an extremely clear alarm sound. When facing more complex scenarios, the Audio/Alarm interfaces can be linked with more devices to protect the user’s safety.

Color Retrieval

Prime II Tri-Guard 2.0 series of products add a color retrieval function. After triggering the SIP or UMD function rule, the camera will judge the target attributes and collect the color information. This function currently supports the color of people’s upper and lower garments, the color of motor vehicle bodies, and the color of non-motor vehicle upper parts retrieval. Color information can be quickly found with UNV’s NVR after color attribute information has been collected. This function can effectively save the user’s search time.

Three Light Modes

In terms of light modes, there are three options to choose from. IR mode, warm light mode, and dual light mode can meet different needs.

IR mode can be often used in the corners of a courtyard. Warm light mode is more suitable for the road and other places that need warm light as a small street lamp to provide lighting scenes. Dual-light Mode is Tri-Guard’s signature mode. When no one triggers the alarm, the white lights are off and the IR light keeps the image information. If a stranger enters, the white lights will turn on and the camera can catch more details. Therefore, the dual-light mode that integrates active deterrence and ColorHunter is the best choice for users.


Prime II Tri-Guard 2.0 series contains 4/5/8MP resolution options. This series has built-in red and blue lights, a microphone, and a high-power speaker. Its F1.0 super-large apertures with ColorHunter technology offer a better image performance at night. Therefore, this series is suitable for no entry, no parking, danger areas, and so on.

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