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One region, one connected market.

We dedicated the central themes of February issue of a&s Adria Magazine to conditions of the regional security market and to technological and cyber security trends in the World. 18 renowned security managares, appreciated for their professionalism and many other works in multiple verticals, spoke for us about what was achieved in 2019 and what we can expect in the next period in the Adriatic region. Considering their longtime work in security sector, almost since its first appearance in this region to implementation of advanced technologies nowadays, we can say that their opinion is very relevant and that the one related to the practical examples of their work, can substitute the lack of statistics of the security sector in seven countries of the Southeast Europe. It is interesting to notice that all of them share the opinion that the local markets are growing. Some of them noticed a smaller stagnation in growth, which wasn’t there in 2018. World Bank confirm this in it’s report „Growing Uncertainties“, stating that the economic activity in Western Balkans is slowing down.

Our speakers think that increasing awareness of quality security products and services, digitalization and the investments from the European funds are the main initiatiors of market development. The main brakes, especially in countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina or Kosovo, are political turmoils and tensions, lower purchasing power and the lack of state infrastructure projects. Research will show that, although separate and with unique political systems and regulations, our seven countries truly make one region, which can be best seen from the shared deficiencies.

Adriatic Region’s Security Market in 2019

Unlike the last year’s research, in which sales, marketing and business development managers of our region participated, this year we asked company leaders from it. What, according to them, marked 2019. read in this issue of a&s Adria Magazine.


– Katharina Geutebrück, Director, Geutebrück GmbH


– Adriatic Region’s Security Market in 2019


– Technological Trends in 2020.


– Cameras as a Skeleton of the Licence Plate Recognition System
– Aperio locks in practice: Wireless access control in five universities
– Network for the entire home: McAfee Protection in D-Link’s Wi-Fi System
– ExGo Fire Alarm Center: Advanced Protects the Longest Bridge in the World
– Project of MOBOTIX Company in Italy: Video Surveillance at the International Airport


– IT security and the Incoming Trends: What Can We Expect in 2020?

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