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The Importance of Resilience and Equality

Today more surveillance cameras are based on IP technologies. But, the widespread use of IP cameras comes with the new risks, like cyber threats and attacks. As cyber attacks become more widespread and more sophisticated, the concept of so called securing the security device becomes very popular. With the rise of the awareness about safety of cameras, producers started installing different functions into their devices in order to upgrade the resilience to cyber-attacks and to ensure that end users are better protected.

Many leading Western and European producers are investing more and more into research and development of cyber security through introduction of new measures for impowering resilience of devices, like different tests, removing suspicious accounts and factory passwords and introducing softwares for network surveillance. The key goal is to make a camera a hindrance for the attackers so they would quit the breach and look for an easy target. In case of security breach or suspicious camera activites, there are tools which will alarm users to an incident an offer them a report of what has happened. The Control software helps user to recognize standard types of cyber-attack and act accordingly.

When it comes to surveillance cameras and softwares, users are getting more concerned about some other unexpected things. During the “Black Lives Matter” campaign a light has been shone on possibilities that algorithms in facial recognition systems can be biased when it comes to people of darker skin color, but also women. The entire situation brought to that different producers suspended or totally stopped the use of facial recognition systems based on AI algorithms, so it will be very interesting to follow further development of situation.

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