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Healthcare as a whole deserves special attention from the security sector, mostly because of its specificities, but the needs of the pharmaceutical sector for security solutions are not discussed enough. Still, demand for solutions in that sector is getting stronger, because of the rapid growth of the sector and the rising interest in accompanying security risks. Since technological advancement and connected devices are slowly taking over, cyber security is also becoming a key issue. The pharmaceutical industry is faced with challenges related to intellectual property protection and brand reputation and, at the same time, it has to observe strict regulatory demands. Some World companies today, apart from IT and technical security, offer help in defining and applying of compliance procedures with regulations, since the failure in any of these segments could cost millions. It is interesting how this sector follows the trend of laying off the personnel and investing in the development of quality cyber attack and industry spyware protection.

Also, edge computing is becoming more popular and widespread concept among organizations and end users. A lot has changed in the industry when the processing on the edge of the network appeared. While the data transfer from end points to cloud takes from 150 to 200 milliseconds, from end points to edge of the network takes 20 times less, which offers more efficient detection and quicker response to situations in different verticals. The data is being processed in cameras, which have advanced analytical functions. After it detects a suspicious person, a camera with artificial technology (AI) can send a warning to a nearby alarm center and send photos and text to background systems for analysis and record. With that, the time required for sending the data from the end point to cloud is being reduced and the need for network refresh rate is taken down to its minimum. And all that will significantly lead to cost reduction, which is more than welcome in the industry. That’s why we think that these two technological trends will mark 2020.

How to increase security in the pharmaceutical industry?

In the security industry, the pharmaceutical sector is often treated as a healthcare segment. Although it can make sense, it is a separate vertical, which requires special treatment. The demand for solutions in pharmaceutical sector is getting stronger, because of the rapid growth of the sector and interest in accompanying security risks. We will analyze the key threats in the pharmaceutical sector, solutions to it and examples of their implementation


– Jacek Węglarz, Training Manager & Evangelist at Dahua Technology Poland


– Between Threats and Opportunities: How to increase security in the pharmaceutical industry?

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