a&s Adria No. 162

The year marked by the pandemic closes with a presentation of the largest global market research in the security industry – Security 50. Analysis of this year’s list of fifty most successful companies shows that by the end of 2019 the industry grew at a healthy pace, which before the pandemic recorded positive results. Growth was recorded in 37 of the 50 largest companies, together they all achieved growth of 9.3 percent compared to 2018, and all listed companies in 2019 together generated revenue of 25.84 billion US dollars. Video surveillance still represents the largest category of products. Thirty-eight video surveillance companies generated total revenue of $ 20.8 billion, covering almost 3/4 of the security markets.

Although the US-China trade war had some effect on Chinese producers, much of the negative impact was mitigated by strong Chinese domestic demand, and as in previous years, the video surveillance industry was dominated by large brands, a trend that is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. Compared to last year, there were no major changes in the rankings, and it is especially interesting that among the new manufacturers that debuted on the Security 50 list this year was Špica International, as the first company from the Adriatic region to succeed. Remarkable success of our colleagues. Congratulations!

Limited in the physical, the world was rapidly turning to the internet, and we didn’t want to miss that opportunity. In a very challenging year for security industry, in which almost all events were cancelled, we decided to hold the first online security summit. We did not regret it. The innovative virtual platform, a strong conference program with a large number of sponsors attracted as many as 2,084 professionals, which made our Summit one of the most visited events this year in Europe. In addition, this was also the first major transition towards the virtual platform and we are also proud of that.

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