a&s Adria No. 172

A global pandemic of a new coronavirus with a limited flow of people and goods led to an unforeseen situation for all physical events in the world to be canceled. In response, business events moved to virtual space, which only somewhat compensated for the absence of live conversations.

But, they were all eagerly waiting the opportunity to reunite and arrange cooperation “over a cup of coffee”.

It was an incentive for which, with the great support of long-term sponsors and partners, decided to take a risk and be the first in the region to try to organize a larger conference- exhibition event of a type such as the Adria Security Summit.

Aware that cancellations can easily occur if the number of newly infected suddenly increases and limit the number of people indoors, we chose Belgrade as a venue. We weren’t wrong. BelExpo center provided sufficient capacity to enable the gathering of  large number people, with five conference halls for lectures, seminars, presentations and workshops.

Despite all the challenges, the number of security professionals who took part in Adria Security Summit again exceeded all expectations, and reaffirmed that events of this kind simply have no alternative.

This year’s Summit was attended by almost 1,300 people.

According to structure of visitors, most, about 67%, were members of senior management, or founders, owners, executive directors or directors of departments in companies, as well as regional or local managers and sales and distribution directors. The rest consisted of members of middle management, technical and administrative staff and representatives of government agencies and the media.

More than 50 experts from all over the world, in addition to the official conference program, held 34 workshops, at which companies organized seminars on their solutions and projects.

A panel discusson on “Supply Chain Disorders and Performance Difficulties” about which you will read more in the next issue of the magazine.

It should be noted that the next Summit will be held in Zagreb 7-8 September 2022.

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