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Hikvision introduces unique all-in-one video intercom access control terminal

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched the DS-K1T501, a unique all-in-one video intercom terminal for access control. This provides a cost-effective solution packed into one small form.
The terminal brings together access control, video surveillance and video intercom systems functionality, offering fast and cost-effective integration and deployment. The solution was developed specifically to suit the needs of different security systems for banks and businesses with rented offices.
Video Surveillance – Unlike other access control terminals on the market, the terminal has a front-facing 1080p IP camera packed with features: 140º viewing angle, IR light supplement, mechanical IR cut filter for true day/night performance and an SD card slot for image capture. The stream can be monitored and recorded on NVR just like any Hikvision IP camera.
Access Control – Featuring an inbuilt Mifare reader and Hikvision’s fingerprint sensor, the device offers different ways to authenticate. Most importantly, since it has a built-in camera, it can be used for reading modern virtual credentials like QR codes. It can also go one stage further, completing a face detection verification in addition to the card and/or fingerprint options. This way, every time fingerprint is used, the device will require the visitor to show his or her face in front of the camera, capture a picture on the SD card and then grant access. The terminal has a maximum capacity of 3,000 fingerprints and 50,000 cards and, for ease of use, supports voice prompts
Access control security – Aside from the fingerprint reader and face detection verification, the device supports a connection to the DS-K2M060 secure door control unit via RS-485, which, when mounted inside the building, guarantees that the protected door cannot be opened by bypassing the device.
Video Intercom – If a visitor with no access steps in front of the door or an existing user forgets his or her credentials they can press the intercom button which will call the remote management center (iVMS-4200 or iVMS-5200E). The operator can answer the call with two-way audio and video communication and then decide or unlock the door for the visitor.
Connectivity – The device includes the most common communications technologies, like the classic serial RS-485 interface, 1GB Ethernet and Wi-Fi. This comes in handy for installers, as it gives various options for any communications setup. Even if the connection is unstable or lost, a buffer of 200,000 events will guarantee that valued information will be retained and transferred to the management software on re-connection.
Management – The device is a part of the Hikvision ecosystem, which means full integration with different type of security systems that the company offers. The terminal can be fully managed and monitored by iVMS-4200 or connected to the enterprise solution platform iVMS-5200E when more centralised and flexible operation is needed. Both platforms offer modern, easy to use graphical interfaces packed with advanced access control options and ‘time and attendance report’ calculations. As for those on the go, handy monitoring and management is available from the Hik-Connect app, which will send notifications whenever an alarm is triggered.
Suitable for outdoor usage, the terminal is IP 65 rated and can withstand a wide temperature range of -40°C to 60°C.
“When you look at this device and the advanced technologies it packs inside, you can get an idea of Hikvision’s true commitment to revolutionise and bring innovation to the relatively conservative market of access control”, says Cenek Maly – Channel sales product manager for access control and video intercom systems at Hikvision Europe.

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