Interview: Laurence Kenny, marketing manager, Pyronix

a&s Adria: Mr Laurence Kenny, thank for your time. Let’s start with you. Tell us something about yourself, your educational and professional background, your position in Pyronix?

Kenny: I am marketing manager at Pyronix. I mastered in the area of business administration at Sheffield Business School. I worked within Pyronix and the security industry for 5 years, largely in marketing capacity.

a&s Adria: Could you, please, give us an overview of the company history?

Kenny: Pyronix was founded in 1986 by Julie Kenny CBE DL. The company started with what was then, the smallest PIR in the world, identifying a niche and exploiting that niche to get a foothold in what was a young market in the electronic security industry. Over the years, Pyronix has grown through organic growth and acquisition, now providing a wide range of electronic security equipment for the intruder alarm market. What started with one detector, the business now has a significant product range catering for the majority of small and large scale intruder alarm installations on the market. Pyronix was acquired by Hikvision in May 2016. This acquisition really marked a turning point in the company’s history, showing convergence in practice by bringing together different components of security.

a&s Adria: You mentioned joining Hikvision Group, which was one of the last year’s most important acquisitions. How are things going for Pyronix after that, have you managed to furfill your goals, sustain the predicted growth rate? What are key benefits for both companies?

Kenny: The mood for Pyronix and Hikvision is very positive. We are currently investing in areas of the business to deliver on our vision of becomming the Number One intruder manufacturer in the world, and sustaining our growth into new markets whilst looking to get deeper market penetration into our existing markets.

a&s Adria: Give us a brief presentation of your product line? What product would you single out as the best-selling on the market and why?

Kenny: Our product lines consist of complete intruder alarm systems, both wireless and hybrid, with a wide range of detectors and sensors both at EN50131 grade 2 and grade 3. Our Enforcer two-way wireless system has won 4 awards since it’s launch for innovation and popularity with installers. The system utilised a number of features which make the two-way wireless installation secure and easy to install. The system is truly like a wired system when armed, with zero sleep time of peripherals which are fully supervised, anti-jamming capability, and dual antennas for omni-directional data transfer.

a&s Adria: You use several patented technologies in order to increase the value of your products. Tell us more about Tri-Signal Detection Logic, Independent Floating Thresholds, Tri Anti-Masking Technology, etc?

Kenny: Tri-signal detection logic is a technology used within the External Detector range of product, used to enhance the detectors susceptibility to false alarms due to the harsh nature of the outdoor environment. All three technologies (two PIR’s and one Microwave sensor) need to be activated together to cause an alarm. This makes the detector more stable. Independent floating thresholds enhances the detectors immunity to electrical interference by ensuring that the alarm trip thresholds are able to move and adapt to changing electrical conditions and interference. The detector will digitally adjust the alarm thresholds to maintain intruder catch performance even when there is interference which could cause a false alarm.

a&s Adria: Was launching PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App a way to do that? What are theirs key benefits to customers?

Kenny: There is a clear trend towards IP and cloud connectivity. It enhances the user and installer experience and provides a number of benefits and features which were never able to be realized before. We are committed to this trend by developing new Cloud infrastructure and apps to ensure that the user and installer have an experience which is unrivalled in the industry. The key benefit of the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App is real-time system management, along-side camera integration, to give users unparalleled access to their property from anywhere in the world. Intruder systems are no-longer stand alone systems – they are lifestyle systems which can provide users peace of mind, and gives installers upsell and additional retention advantages.

a&s Adria: Tell us a bit more about the successfull projects/case studies you have had during the last year or so? Do you have some feedback from the investors? What verticals do you generally focus on?

Kenny: Our primary focus is on the residential market globally, which makes up a large percentage of the global market for intruder alarms. But it is also true that the retail, institution, and finance sectors are also growing verticals that we are focussing on. Given that our product range is compliant to grade 2 and 3 gives us a big advantage when it comes to projects. There have been a number of projects, including within the banking sector, that we have been working on recently with our customers.

a&s Adria: What is your opinion on the Pyronix’s position in Adriatic region: sales results, growth, partner companies, marketing? Where do you see a possible improvement?

Kenny: Our position in the Adriatic region is growing – much as in the rest of EMEA. Our products fit well into the market, and we have a number of opportunities which will support our sales strategy going forward. From our research, it seems like the Adriatic region is growing, with more emphasis placed on increased integration with other systems.

a&s Adria: Related to the above, in September a high-ranking member of your staff/you will be lecturing at Adria Security Summit, the largest Adriatic region conference and exhibition, which is from this year powered by Intersec. Do you find it a good opportunity to listen to the audience, discuss about market trends, meet new customers?

Kenny: We always relish the opportunity to speak to customers, existing and new, about our product and innovations. The Pyronix brand is one synonymous with technology and innovation, and we are constantly listening to the market to ensure that our development roadmap reflects the needs of our customers and partners across the globe. The Adria Security Summit will provide us this platform to speak to customers and gain this vital feedback as we look to assert our position on the global market.

a&s Adria: Pyronix’ plans for years ahead in the intruder alarm marker?

Kenny: The intruder alarm market is growing, and Pyronix is at the forefront of that growth. It is also true to say that the wider security market is one which is converging with the likes of video, intercom and access control. In the years ahead, integrated solutions will be the driver for the industry, and our product lines reflect this shift. Our goals are to grow the Pyronix brand and drive the intruder market on through a deep understanding of our market and our customers, innovation, and supporting this growth with our partners throughout the globe.

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