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Interview: Katharina Geutebrück, CEO, Geutebrück GmbH

Every institution who needs a highly available video security solution is our potential customer. Public authorities, educational institutions, energy supply, financial institutions, airports, correctional facilities, forensic clinics, financial institutions, commerce, hotels, industry, hospitals, cultural heritage, media, food processing, production, shipping, sports,

Interviw: Vigan Limani, COIN Systems

Dear Mr. Limani, you are the CEO of COIN. Could you present yourself to our readers, your educational and professional background, business successes, etc.? I am a mechanical engineer by trade, I studied in the University of Pristina, and my field was power transmitters. I have been working in the family company for a long […]

Interview: Georgi Lazarov, Regional Sales Manager for the Balkans, Greece, Cyprus and the Adriatic, March Networks

Mr Lazarov, thank you for sparing your time to address to our readers. Could you present yourself, your educational and professional background, when did you start working for March Networks, what duties are your performing, etc.? As far as my background goes, I have an MSc in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Transportation Technology […]
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Marketplace in Center of MIPS

Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) is Milestone Systems’ partner event flagship, bringing together partners from the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions to collaborate, network and learn from the global tendencies within the video management software industry. With more than 1,500 participants globally, MIPS is a unique opportunity to pool insights, share