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Building a Strong Cybersecurity Foundation for Your Video Solutions

In today’s digital world, it’s little surprise that cybersecurity is top of mind in many boardrooms. Indeed, 96% of CEOs say that it’s essential to their organisation’s growth and stability, according to Accenture. And they are right to be concerned, because cybercrime is projected to
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LiDAR: How It Transforms Airport Security

Security is an important part of airport operations. More and more, LiDAR or light detection and ranging is used to boost airports’ security and efficiency. This article takes a closer look. Source: William Pao Needless to say, airports attach great importance to security, especially amid heightened security issues at airport facilities. According to Osprey Flight
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MPS Gas Sensor Is on the Market Following Intensive Development

The MPS gas sensor, developed in cooperation with NevadaNano, represents the latest innovative sensor technology for the detection of flammable gases and refrigerants. The MPS gas sensor from MSR-Electronic belongs to the latest generation and offers unprecedented safety for people and installations. The MPS gas sensor are particularly suitable for hard-to-reach areas and
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VIVOTEK’s PoE Switches – Control, Integration, and Cost Efficiency in One Package!

In one article before we write about tools what can help engineers and technicians that their work on site make easy. VIVOTEK network products is one of those tools, with this products Security system Installers can decrease significantly reduce the required man-hours for system configuration in project installation. As well as during the system maintenance […]