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Feature Story: We visited the European headquarters of ZKTeco

Initially conceived as an international company, ZKTeco started out modestly, with only its products being sold abroad, without services and customization for customers. But then, at the global level, something happened that, contrary to expectations, opened new opportunities for many companies
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Four layers of perimetere protection

DEA Security is an Italian company which designs, develops and produces a wide range of perimeter intrusion detections systems. Result of an extensive research and development activity and covered by International patents, these systems are employed in the protection of perimeter of any size in military, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. DEA Security systems
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Bringing events into a safer ‘new normal’

As companies adapt to the ‘new normal’, they are having to be innovative to survive. Those in the hospitality industry are facing a world where far fewer people travel. It’s also dramatically affected events, like trade shows and conferences, which have been cancelled or postponed all over the world. German conference organizer Hotelreservierungs- und Tagungsmanagement
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Perimeter protection – More than meets the eye

Perimeter protection is essential in critical infrastructures such as airports or utilities. Video analytics can greatly improve security in such environments while at the same time lowering costs and network strain. 286 perimeter breaches in ten years – this was the result of an Associated Press investigation on the busiest 31 airports in the United […]
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How technology is helping to beef up security at events

Terrorist groups continue to target mass gatherings, but technological innovations such as high-definition video, facial recognition and AI are allowing security personnel to better handle such threats. These new technologies can help to identify suspicious individuals and other anomalies in real time as well as for post-event investigation. Sensors mounted at entry points