Najave II Perimeter Protection

Four layers of perimetere protection

DEA Security is an Italian company which designs, develops and produces a wide range of perimeter intrusion detections systems. Result of an extensive research and development activity and covered by International patents, these systems are employed in the protection of perimeter of any size in military, industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

DEA Security systems create four layers of protection ranging from the outermost perimeter to the heart of the protected site, typically a building. Starting from the outer layer, we can find FUSION, SERIR and TORSUS fence-mounted systems, SISMA CP 50 buried system, SISMA CA system for flooring and SERIE A03PRO, SPC PRO and XENSITY indoor systems.

DEA Security has full in-house competence and expertise: from concept to hardware and software design, from construction and testing of prototypes to final product. This allows us to master all the technologies employed in our products and to control the manufacturing process in each single phase to assure very high product quality.

FUSION P2P is the new fence-mounted system employing the state-of-the-art DEA Sensor Fusion (DSF) dual-tech technology, patented at the International level. The system can be installed both on flexible metal fences (rolled fence or light welded panels) and rigid panels.

FUSION P2P detects and analyses the vibrations of a fence as a consequence of an intrusion attempt for cutting (also perfomed by means of hacksaws or grinders), breakthrough or climbing, discriminating all those nuisances which could trigger improper alarms.
Thanks to the possibility of individually calibrating the detectors, the same sensor-string can be applied to heterogeneous structures without dividing it into more strings.

The detectors employ two different sensitive elements: a well proven PIEZO transducer and a MEMS accelerometer. The data coming from the two sources of signal are processed and analysed using adaptive intelligence algorithms which enhance the detection capability, the adaptability and the reliability of the system.

SISMA CP 50 is a buried intrusion system which detects a person walking on the surface. It is so sensitive that it can perceive the lightest step.

SISMA CP 50 is compatible with several types of surfaces without concrete foundations, such as surfaces covered with grass, gravel, tarmac and interlockings. It creates an invisible and unidentifiable detection band which, depending on the cases, can protect the whole perimeter of a site or specific driveways and walkways. If the surface to be protected is made of flooring with concrete screed, the system to be used is SISMA CA.


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