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Maximize profitability with MAXPRO® Cloud

The Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud is a cloud-based security solution designed for multi-site small-to-medium-sized businesses, that provides effective and efficient security and safety, while minimizing IT costs and future-proofing investments. The solution integrates access control and video into an integrated and easy-to-use platform and can be used to protect multisite retail, franchises, multi-tenant commercial and residential properties, schools and churches. With features such as global credential management, automated reporting and remote management of doors and schedules, the system is not only a great security solution but also a powerful business tool.
MAXPRO Cloud consolidates security system data sources (cameras, detectors) into a single platform that is easy to access, monitor and manage.

How does MAXPRO Cloud work?
MAXPRO Cloud centralizes the monitoring and control of security systems (live video / playback stream viewing, alarm event information, real-time interaction) and offers advanced viewing, management and analysis functions.

The platform integrates a wide range of products, both addressable and conventional intruder detection and access control solutions, as well as CCTV IP and analogue solutions.

It can be easily implemented at both new and older sites with minimum effort. MAXPRO Cloud creates a secure connection between the equipment and the Honeywell cloud and between the Honeywell cloud and web or mobile applications, ensuring that the entire route of information is secure.

MAXPRO Cloud does not require installing applications or dedicated servers –the entire configuration process can be done online. Users have access to recordings or live video, from any device and they can set up multiple alerts and events as well as exporting and sharing data.
The platform also provides access to a configurable dashboard that integrates all systems and locations and offers a user-customized view. The system automatically issues alarm events for system errors and push notifications are sent to the correct employee.
In addition, MAXPRO Cloud allows automatic software/ firmware updates and centralized management for the entire system.

Key features
– Simplified management and easy monitoring for multiple sites
– Centralized and secure access (HTTPS and 256bit encryption)
– Remote management (lock / unlock, arm / disarm, firmware updates)
– Centralized and configurable dashboard
– Accessible from any device and operating system (Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android)

What benefits does it generate?
Managing and monitoring a multi-site security system is not an easy task. It consumes time, especially in the case of companies that do not have dedicated staff.

With the cloud-based system, users can access management console and dashboards, anytime anywhere. Viewing live streaming or recordings is easy and alerts are identified and categorized faster. The system also centralizes all information which eliminates the need to access multiple applications and windows separately.
The automatic updates for any of the registered devices also help contribute to the reduction of maintenance costs. The platform also immediately signals any problem or system error, which reduces the risk of system breaches. All this generates a better level of security, simpler administration and lower costs.

MAXPRO Cloud, business opportunities
The Honeywell platform meets the needs of users who prefer a self-service model and generates new business opportunities for your organization. It takes away the complexity of security systems management.
It is fully scalable simplifying the addition of new sites, cameras, detectors, etc. Based on MAXPRO Cloud, additional remote management and monitoring services can be delivered for customers who do not have the necessary staff.
MAXPRO Cloud is more than just a security system, it is a dynamic business tool that provides actionable insights you can use to improve service and drive down costs.

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