• In the midst of a growing market with the revenue of manufacturers operating in the security sector up 6.8% in Italy in 2018.
• Solutions for every area of application and the manufacturers’ answer to all needs.
• An opportunity to do business with the world in an event attended by international buyers and companies.
• See you in Milan with facilities for exhibitors and visitors.


Milan, July 2019 – With the opening of the online ticket office, the countdown to SICUREZZA 2019 has officially started. SICUREZZA 2019 is a reference event for operators in Italy and one of the most important in Europe dedicated to the security and fire-fighting sectors.
The event, to be held from November 13 to 15 at Fiera Milano – Rho, is preparing to welcome Italian and international professional visitors at a particularly successful time for the market. According to the most recent data, the building security and automation sector confirmed a growth in total revenue (+6.8% at current values) in 2018 in Italy and building security and automation technology exports showed a dynamic profile, growing by +9.2% (Source: ANIE Sicurezza).

In this context, SICUREZZA is once again a key business opportunity for operators and companies that want to seize the positive moment of the market.
As last year’s trends suggest, thefire-fighting sector benefited from a growing demand from end users and the dissemination of audio evacuation systems. As the result of technological innovation and an increased level of digitisation, integration and convergence between systems continue to be one of the main drivers of growth in the security sector. The video surveillance segment was equally dynamic.

For this reason, even more space will be dedicated to fire-fighting at SICUREZZA with some of the most interesting products in the sector, while the strong attention to innovation in all areas of security, spanning from video surveillance and access control to advanced anti-intrusion systems, passive security and drones used as monitoring and rescue tool, is confirmed.
Another strength of this edition will be Smart Building Expo, the event dedicated to digital technologies for networked buildings and smart cities, which will be held on the same days as SICUREZZA and can be visited with a single admission ticket.


The outlook of security technologies is increasingly linked to the areas of application. All products or solutions today are designed in relation to a specific context in which they are able to offer the best performance. From everyday life in cities and extraordinary situations, such as major public events, to offices and shops, not to mention the elusive yet increasing presence of data security, application contexts are challenging companies to create advanced and versatile solutions which can be increasingly integrated by exploiting the impetus offered by digitisation.
So, SICUREZZA will focus on the most common reference contexts and also explore interesting, unusual case histories. Companies will be able to share successful experiences with operators interested in each specific area of intervention and visiting professionals will have the opportunity to better understand the technological evolution in progress, discovering solutions suited to their every need.

Here are some of the focus contexts of the event:

Major public events
The regulations that have come into force in recent years require local authorities and organisers of public events to use complex equipment to control access, count attendance, constantly monitor people on site and intervene in case of evacuations or fires.
The direct responsibility of organisers means that public authorities choosing to hold a major event are the first to be interested in having technologies that can quickly and accurately monitor people and venues At SICUREZZA, municipalities and event organisers will find specific solutions for their needs, such as smart cameras capable of autonomously detecting anomalies in the movement of people, systems for monitoring gates and access counters, systems for preventing and extinguishing fires and they will benefit from the direct experience of companies that have already successfully dealt with the complex world of major public event organisation.

Urban security
Large and small towns are at the centre of a profound technological revolution. Access control, the monitoring of number plates at the entrance points of traffic restricted areas or in particular sites are now entrusted to increasingly sophisticated and intelligent electronic systems, which work alongside the police and traffic wardens. In addition to traffic control and the management of car parks and accesses, municipalities of all sizes are investing in security technologies and increasingly moving towards protection and monitoring architectural heritage and culturally relevant sites, including nature reserves and parks.
Safety nets in cities are increasingly close-knit and very often supplemented by technologies installed by private citizens. In this context, which is discreetly changing the appearance of towns and cities, keeping abreast of the available technologies is essential for local administrators, law enforcement and all security operators who may be called upon to design and install systems in urban contexts.
In and near cities there are particularly sensitive transport networks, sites, stations and airports which require dedicated solutions.
In the context of the evolution of technologies for cities and mobility, we are also witnessing an articulated and increasingly integrated development of connected solutions which impacts other contexts, in addition to security. It is the smart city paradigm. An increasingly concrete approach to which many of the solutions presented at Smart Building Expo will also be dedicated.

Homes by definition must protect the people who live there and must be protected from risks and intruders. The solutions available today are more and more advanced and guarantee the monitoring and control of every room and of the outdoor perimeter. Users can easily keep an eye on their home even remotely, alert law enforcement in the event of anomalies and always be informed of any movement and even who is ringing their door bell when they are away.
Ease of installation and the remarkable versatility of the systems on the market today makes it much simpler for individual residents and condo managers to adopt solutions which are also attractive as a result of an ever-increasing attention to the design of each product.
From access control to video surveillance, often integrated with other functions such as door phone system or thermal monitoring, these technologies will be present at SICUREZZA with a large number of companies offering solutions for the residential sector.
The next frontiers of connected buildings, from design to full operation, will be the focus of Smart Building Expo and offer an additional opportunity to explore the most advanced perspectives of building automation.

Production lines, offices and construction sites alike are workplaces which most require integrated safety systems, capable of guaranteeing maximum efficiency at all times. Banks, factories, large companies and small businesses are demanding bespoke solutions being a complex challenge for the manufacturers, designer and installers of security systems.
There are more and more solutions on the market offering customisation opportunities for all business contexts.
At SICUREZZA, security managers, security integrators and everyone else responsible for security in a company can choose from the many proposals available today, from video surveillance to fire-fighting, as well as an entire pavilion dedicated to access control and passive security.

In busy shopping malls on the outskirts of town or in small local shops, the need to protect goods from theft, detecting access and movements of customers where necessary, is essential and often comes with surveillance needs of goods in the warehouse or during storage. Advanced video surveillance systems also able to monitor and evaluate the movements of people in shops are becoming key tools for protecting goods, but also customers by being able to monitor the actions of potential muggers or thieves.
In addition, there is a need to avoid the risk of fire, especially in contexts where goods and materials may be particularly exposed.
Many companies that offer solutions for retail will be attending SICUREZZA with increasingly advanced and discreet technologies designed not to disturb the shopping experience and to be useful tools for analysing in-store customer behaviour at the same time.

Data protection
The GDPR is now in full effect making data protection tools indispensable in all areas. Cybersecurity is important because intelligent cameras and access control systems are now powerful processors of data more often transmitted wirelessly and stored in the cloud for the time needed to process them. Being able to protect the data acquired by the latest generation of security technologies from cyber-criminals is one of the most delicate challenges for companies in the sector, but also and above all for installers, called by the General Data Protection Regulation to be legally responsible if data protection weaknesses or anomalies are discovered in the installed system.
It is a particularly sensitive and still little-known area on which manufacturers have focused heavily in recent years. Visitors to SICUREZZA will find concrete answers in the solutions on show and through training opportunities for professionals at all levels on issues related to GDPR application and the protection of data and privacy of users.


All the languages of business will be spoken at SICUREZZA by exhibitors and visitors alike.

Small and medium-sized companies seeking new outlets on foreign markets will find a preferential channel through which to open new business opportunities.
SICUREZZA will host 200 top international buyers from markets most interested in the offers on display, such as Europe and the Mediterranean basin, North Africa, Russia and former-CIS Republics, the Balkans, the Baltic Republics and the Middle East.

Potential foreign buyers, selected for their origin and high-spending potential, will be able to take advantage of a calendar planned and defined even before the opening of the fair using the My Matching program of Fiera Milano, which will allow them to meet the exhibitors, optimise visiting time to the maximum and facilitate the start of business negotiations.

There will be no shortage of interesting names on the international scene for all the sectors present at the event on the supply side as well. The offers on show will be even more numerous and comprehensive and will offer professional visitors a unique opportunity to get in touch with the best of the most advanced solutions worldwide.


SICUREZZA will be a structured and packed event which is increasingly easy to join. Visits can be prepared already today to optimise time and cost as possible.
Visitors can pre-register or buy their ticket in a few clicks directly on the www.sicurezza.it website saving up to 50% on the cost of the ticket.

Furthermore, MiCodmc, the official travel agency of Fiera Milano specialised in Milan as travel destination, is already at the service of exhibitors and visitors to organise their trip, accommodation and stays with the best offers suited to their specific needs.
You can find selected hotels on the website of the event to choose from, differentiated by type of service offered and perfect for all accommodation requirements.

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