With security an ever more pervasive concern, the challenges for professionals, on which the exhibition will focus, are continuing to grow. And in the run up to the event, the international roadshow will be making its next stopover at London.

Milan, 15 April 2019 – SICUREZZA 2019, to be held at Fiera Milano on 13 to 15 November this year, is continuing to grow. Seven months before the exhibition, the leading one of its kind in Italy and one of the main events in Europe, the leading brands in the security industry have already booked their participation.

The exhibition will feature two major novelties: a more organic layout, with 4 adjoining pavilions, and exhibition areas divided by product type.

Video surveillance and burglar protection will occupy parts of pavilions 5 and 7, with separate areas in the same pavilions dedicated to fire equipment (pav. 5) and drones (pav. 7).
Pavilion 10, on the other hand, will be focusing on passive security and access control, showcasing solutions for every area of application: residential, urban, industrial and commercial. Pavilion 6, finally, in line with the mission of SECURITY, will be hosting the Smart Building Expo, with an expanded focus on the smart city and alternative energy solutions in addition to the smart building itself.

Meanwhile, the European roadshow showcasing SICUREZZA 2019 to professionals, along with the opportunities offered by the Italian market, continues its journey.

The next stop is at London, where on 19 June, SICUREZZA 2019 will be presenting itself to security professionals and the international press at an informal cocktail evening.

To multiply business opportunities for exhibitors at SICUREZZA 2019, the scouting initiative which will bring top hosted buyers, selected for their spending potential and geographical origin (Europe, Balkans; Mediterranean basin, Middle East, Maghreb, Russia and ex-CSI countries), has also started. Thanks to My Matching, Fiera Milano’s online match-making service, exhibitors and buyers will be able to select and assess business profiles before the event starts, and set up a schedule of appointments for the exhibition itself.

SICUREZZA 2019 will be the showcase for the most innovative solutions currently available on the market, but also an opportunity for updating professional competencies.

This need is increasingly being expressed by industry professionals, faced with a market which never stands still. The convergence between physical and logical security, the integration between technologies, the transition from standalone products to integrated solutions, and the new regulations resulting from the application of the GDPR have completely revolutionised the world of security, demanding new competencies not only from system designers, but also installers.

The technological revolution is ongoing, and while on the one hand it has kept the market alive, keeping turnover up despite the persistence of downpricing, on the other is demands constant training and professional qualification, especially for installers, who have not yet fully understood the combination of opportunities and risks that are emerging in this new scenario.

The use of artificial intelligence and advanced tracking and recognition solutions, based on biometric and other identification data, is making security systems ever more powerful and adaptable to any application, but also more vulnerable, open doors to what is now the true value of any company: its data, its information. And this is not true only of video surveillance, in which the matter of privacy has long been dealt with, but also for residential solutions, from intelligent door panels to domotics, which may become back doors into the home network.

The training programme at SICUREZZA 2019 will be making cyber security and privacy among its main areas of focus. The exhibition’s training programme will deal with topical issues, and in many cases offer training credits issued by the associations of engineers and technical experts.


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