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TRASSIR Provides Security in Turkish Region

TRASSIR is a CCTV systems manufacturer and video surveillance software developer which started in 2002 as a local company, has grown to become a global supplier, and now boasts a presence in over 42 countries. All of TRASSIR company’s advanced solutions are designed in-house.


Over the years, TRASSIR has built an entire video surveillance system which combines CCTV cameras, video recorders, video management servers, cloud services, neural analytics, and access control systems.

TRASSIR has already achieved significant success in several countries, including the Turkish region. Our primary objective in Turkey is to establish a strong and enduring presence. The company is constantly growing and today offers an environment for providing security in different fields – retail, city surveillance, traffic, building, banking and much more.

This year also saw the opening of the TRASSIR office in Istanbul. Now we have a Turkish-speaking team, a showroom where customers can see all the TRASSIR modules and take part in some live demos, and a storage room in the office which will make logistics much easier. The team in the Turkish office is ready to support you in sales, marketing, pre-sales and technical needs with 12 members of the team, all of whom are fluent in Turkish.

TRASSIR solutions are implemented in a lot of residential complexes in Turkey, such as DAP YAPI, Istanbul Acıbadem Kosuyolu Residence, Tema Instanbul, INNOVIA 2 and 3, Essenora and others.

The INNOVIA 3 complex is located in Esenyurt and consists of 10 blocks and 3 293 apartments with an area of 95 000 m². This sizable area has been equipped with TRASSIR VMS, which now guarantees the safety of all visitors and residents of INNOVIA 3 and protects against terrorism, theft and fires. The main aim was to use the unified TRASSIR VMS and video analytical modules to prevent any unauthorized access due to timely notifications and alarms.

There are a lot of successful projects in the industrial sector as well, such as Mata Automotive Factory in Istanbul, Cengiz Makina Factory in Tuzla, Faurecia Poliplex Automotive Factory, Edirne Industrial Zone and others. For instance, Cengiz Makina Factory, one of the leading players of the metal machining industry is where TRASSIR ensured safe operation within the steel processing shops and maintained the perimeter security using the Face Recognition module.

TRASSIR offers solutions to provide security in the hospitality area as well. A good example of this is Zorlu Raffles Hotel. The main goal there was to control access points to the hotel and receive reports on the arrival and departure times of staff. Using TRASSIR Access Control System, operators may now create necessary reports and respond promptly in case of unauthorised access to the territory.

TRASSIR solutions also can be used successfully in educational institutions, such as Haliç University in Istanbul which has over 12 000 students. The university premises include 11 buildings, so it requires a good video surveillance system in order to provide security for students and faculty members. Installation of the TRASSIR VMS system made it possible to link the control system together. Now perimeter security of the facility is provided 24/7, and the system detects any unauthorised entry and generates alarm events.

This year TRASSIR team has participated in the ISAF 2023 global trade fair in Istanbul. This International Security Exhibition has attracted a diverse audience of global distributors, IT professionals and consumers eager to join the conversation about security solutions. The TRASSIR team showcased live demos of various industry solutions and our guests were able to confirm the outstanding results that the TRASSIR modules have demonstrated.

We offer many value-added analytical solutions to global end-users, especially in the retail, financial and construction sectors, and we are always focused on offering the best with our innovative structure that listens to customers and develops alternative solutions, which will undoubtedly be highly attractive to the Turkish region and help us gain good consumer recognition in Turkey.

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