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Why is the Future of Access Control in Cloud?

In the past, IT and Security departments were reluctant to move their systems into the Cloud. Many still are. But things have changed.

The last few years have shown the global community so many reasons why its business critical to leverage Cloud computing as part of their corporate strategy.

Physical security solutions are no exception. As more organizations look to the Cloud, they are looking for a modern solution that gives them greater security, flexibility and interoperability.

On our next webinar we will address topics that are most commonly discussed with customers when considering a move to Cloud-based access control solution.

Which are their most common concerns?

Which functionalities are they looking for and want to understand better?

We will explain all concrete advantages that await you with access control in the Cloud, and also reveal some customer cases that fit perfectly with the Cloud offering.

1) Cloud-based software solutions are often more powerful, convenient, and affordable than locally hosted alternatives, but many people wonder: How secure are they really?

2) Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen an acceleration in the adoption of cloud-based software solutions. Why they became so popular during pandemic?

3) Organizations are always looking for something new and remarkable when investing in new technology. What kind of business efficiency and new opportunities comes with the Cloud?

Time: Sep 7, 2022 04:00 PM in Dubai



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