2023: Trends in Cyber Security

The digital revolution brings organizations numerous benefits and doing business without it is almost impossible. However, relying on computerized systems to manage day-to-day activities rises other concerns related to data protection and business continuity.  Fortunately, cyber security practices have evolved enough to protect data and assets and thus ensure business continuity.

In this regard, a&s Adria organize a webinar to discuss the trends and innovations in cybersecurity. Presenters will focus on the current state of cyber security and market demand for solutions that protect businesses from cyber threats. Additionally, the webinar will deliver the best cyber security practices advising attendees on what they should consider when choosing between different solutions.


  • Marko Gulan, Cyber Security Consultant, Schneider Electric
  • Oliver Urzica, Regional General Manager, Prianto
  • Tomislav Musić, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Telelink Business Services
  • Miha Lavrič, CTO, CREAplus


  • Introduction to the current state of cyber security
  • Presentations on trends and innovations
  • Cyber security use cases
  • Q&A session

Date and Time: Thursday, May 18, 02:00 PM CEST

Registration Link:

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